Applying to York U: Canadian High-School Students

Posted by York & U on October 19, 2017

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Are you applying to York University this fall? The #YUBlog team has created a three-part series called “Applying to York U” to guide you through the application process. Throughout the series, we will cover the different admissions requirements for Canadian high-school students, international applicants and mature and college/university transfer students.

We are starting the series with the application process for Canadian high-school students. It’s exciting to think about university life at York: to get here, you’ll need to research your program, prepare your application and apply before the deadlines. Take a look at our overview of the admissions process and some York U tools to help you prepare!

If you’re an Ontario high-school student, you will apply for all Ontario universities using the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre (OUAC) website. If you are an Ontario high-school student, you will need your Application Access Code Letter from your guidance counsellor with your school number, student number and temporary PIN to register for OUAC. Your guidance counsellor should provide this information by the end of November 2017. If you are an out-of-province or international applicant, you do not need this information. Out-of-province and international applicants can choose to apply to York U directly using the York Undergraduate Application form or through OUAC.

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Start preparing your university applications early!

Step 1: Visit campus and prepare

Before you start your applications, visit the schools you want to attend if possible. Each university is different, and by touring the facilities in person, you can get an immediate sense of whether the school is the right fit for you. Book a tour of York U or register for our Fall Campus Day open house on the Keele campus on Saturday, November 4 or on the Glendon campus on Sunday, November 5. If you can’t visit campus in person, take a look at the York University Facebook page to learn more about campus life.

Next, visit the Future Students website and review the helpful “Steps to Apply” application checklist. Keep your application materials organized by creating a spreadsheet that tracks your username, password, admissions requirements, supporting documents to be submitted and most importantly, submission deadlines!

Success tip: Start preparing your application materials early to avoid a last-minute rush. If you need a letter of recommendation (although most York U programs do not require one), ask your referee as soon as possible and provide them with a copy of your C.V. and a description of the program you’re applying to so they know what to highlight in your letter. Once they submit your letter, be sure to send a thank-you note!

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Visit York U to get a feel for the campus and to speak with current students.

Step 2. Research your program

Once you’ve seen the campus, research the programs you would like to study at York U by using our Program Search page. Different programs can have specific application requirements, so review your program page to find out about deadlines, transcripts, supplementary application forms, letters of recommendation and other specific requirements. To find the program that is the right fit for you, ask yourself:

  • What classes/subjects do I enjoy the most?
  • What classes/subjects have I done well in?
  • What are my career goals?
  • What do I like to do in my spare time?

For more tips on finding the university campus and program that fits your goals and interests, read our previous YU Blog post, “Finding Your University Fit.”

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Research your program to learn more about any extra admissions requirements.

Step 3: Create your OUAC account

If you are an Ontario high-school student, you will apply to all Ontario universities using the OUAC website. If you are a Canadian high-school student from a different province, an international student from outside Canada or a mature or college/university transfer student, you may use the York U Undergraduate Application form or OUAC to apply. We’ll be posting an admissions overview for these groups in the coming weeks, but until then, learn more about the York U undergraduate application on York U’s Future Students website.

If you are an Ontario high-school student and have reviewed the specific admissions requirements for your program, create your OUAC account using your Application Access Code Letter, school number, student number and temporary PIN. To start your application on OUAC, select your applicant category. Category 101 is for current Ontario high-school students and 105 is for out-of-province and international high-school students.  The York U application deadline for Ontario high-school students and some of York U’s more competitive programs is January 17, 2018. The application deadline for international and out-of-province students is later.

Step 4: Start your application

Once you have registered for your OUAC account, you can officially start your applications for Ontario universities! You will need to enter the following:

  • Personal Information: This includes details like your name, date of birth, citizenship or status in Canada.
  • Contact Information: You will need to list your telephone, email and address. Make sure that you keep this information updated, and use a professional email address that you check often
  • Academic Background: If you attended high school or a postsecondary institution outside of Ontario, you will need to enter this information.
  • Program Choices: This is the section where you can add, delete and order your program choices for all of the schools you want to apply to. You can add your programs by searching for the specific course code or by searching by school. Take a look at York U’s 200+ programs for course codes and program descriptions!
  • Additional University Details: Each of the universities you are applying to will be on this page. If you previously applied to any program at the universities listed, select the year. Otherwise, leave this field blank.
  • Other academic information: This section allows out-of-province and international high-school students to enter information pertaining to their specific educational system. For example, you might add your Quebec CEGEP code or information about AP exams you may have written.
  • Current High School Information and Grades: This is the section where you can provide your final grades. If you are an Ontario high-school student, your high-school officials will submit your grades: ensure that they are accurate. If you are an out-of-province student, you will need to upload your grades and transcript.
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Schedule important deadlines into your calendar to ensure that you get your applications in on time.

Success tip: One of the most important aspects of your university applications is to keep track of important deadlines. The deadline for Ontario high-school applicants to submit your OUAC application is January 17, 2018. However, deadlines for application materials can vary by program. Check York’s Deadlines for Undergraduate Study page and check your York U program page to find out about program-specific deadlines for supporting documents.

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Familiarize yourself with your program’s admission requirements before you apply.

Step 5: Review and submit your completed application

Once you’ve finished your OUAC application, review your information to make sure that it’s correct. Upon submitting your application, Ontario high-school students will need to pay a base OUAC application fee of $150 CAD, which applies to your initial three program choices. You will be charged $50 CAD for each additional application choice. To learn more about OUAC application fees for international and out-of-province Canadian high-school students, visit the OUAC website.

Success tip: Once you’ve applied, you can take a deep breath, relax and wait to hear back about your admissions results. Be sure to check the spam folder in your email inbox to make sure that important York U communications are not being misdirected! Once you have submitted your application, you will receive an email containing your York reference number to track the progress of your application and submit required supporting documents at Over the coming months, the Office of Admissions at York University will review your application. May 29, 2018 is the latest date you can expect responses from an Ontario university if you are an Ontario high-school student.

Step 6: Accept your offer of admission and maintain your eligibility

If you are offered admission to York University, congratulations! It’s important to remember that most offers of admission at York U are conditional, meaning that you will need to maintain your admission conditions to attend York U. Check the York U Admitted website for more information about your next steps to becoming a York Lion!

Once you’ve submitted your application, connect with York U on Facebook and Twitter to learn more about campus life (and don’t forget to check the YU Blog!). Good luck with your applications!

What are your application tips? Let us know in the comments below!