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Posted by York & U on September 5, 2017

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As a student, you spend a lot of time on campus, from the lecture halls where you have classes to the green space where you hang out with your friends. No matter where you are on campus, York University is dedicated to creating a safe, healthy learning environment. If you haven’t read our previous blog post about the York U Safety App, you might not be familiar with York U’s campus safety initiatives. Take a look at the #YUBlog’s overview of campus safety resources to learn more about the safety services available to you.

Campus Security is here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to support the York community in all safety-related matters. You should immediately report any unsafe situations to York Security by calling 416-736-5333, extension 33333 from an office phone. If the situation is an emergency, call 911 first and then York Security. If you have a general safety question, call 416-650-8000, extension 58000 from an office phone.

You may also want to download the directory of all safety contacts for York University.

 Two York U students enjoy a safe study space on campus
Two York U students enjoy a safe study space on campus.

York U Safety Mobile App

One of the most convenient ways for students to connect with York U Safety is to download the York U Safety App. Students can use this tool to access all safety resources and contacts on campus. For example, you can use the app to place a direct call to York Security Services or goSAFE and find information regarding the Campus Shuttle and other safety services. You can also enable the app to send push notifications to your phone to receive Security Services updates, or you can view York University’s Security Bulletins for live safety alerts. Notifications are also sent through the app when the University suspends operations due to weather emergencies, so it’s a great way to ensure you never miss a snow day!

Students walk safely to class.
Students walk safely to class.


It’s well-known that there is safety in numbers! That’s why York created goSAFE, a walking service that provides students, staff and faculty with escorts to and from any location on campus. Need someone to walk you from your evening class to the bus stop? Call goSAFE at 416-736-5454 or from any Indoor Safety Phone or Blue Light Emergency Phone. goSAFE operates on the Keele campus from 6pm to 2am during the Fall/Winter terms and 8pm to 2am in the summer. If you are located on the Glendon campus, goSAFE operates from 6pm to 11pm during the Fall/Winter term. If you would like someone to walk with you when goSAFE is not operating, please contact York Security Services at 416-650-8000.

In addition to escorting community members around campus in the evening, the goSAFE student staff also operate the Lost and Found located in the South Ross Building, Room 107 on the Keele campus. If you think you’ve lost something, call the Keele campus Lost & Found at 416-736-5534, extension 55534 from an office phone, or email them at More than 4,300 items are turned in annually and 77% of high value items are successfully returned to their owners.

goSAFE works with Transportation Services to run an off-campus Village shuttle. The shuttle operates every day during the Fall and Winter terms from 6pm to 1:20 am, when the last shuttle departs from campus. It should be noted that the shuttle does not run on statutory holidays or during the winter break.

A student uses a Blue Light Safety Phone on campus
A student uses a Blue Light Emergency Phone on campus.
An Indoor Safety Phone on campus
An Indoor Safety Phone on campus.

York Security Services

York University’s Security Services team is committed to keeping our campuses safe and welcoming for everyone by offering a range of services and programs. York University’s Security Services patrol the campus, assist with First Aid, provide helpful safety tips and more. You can visit Security in person at the Community Safety Centre in the William Small building. In case of emergencies, you can contact Security by phone at 416-736-5333, extension 33333 from an office phone or by using a safety phone on campus. Security staff are also available to work with individuals or groups to develop safety plans if they have any concerns about their personal safety or the safety of an event being held on campus.

York University has also released its opioid action plan to raise awareness about the dangers of opioid use and be prepared to provide emergency treatment on campus. Blue and white posters outlining information about Fentanyl have been posted on the Keele and Glendon campuses, and security staff have received training from Toronto Public Health on how to administer Naloxone in a nasal spray called Narcan. Naloxone is a temporary, quick-acting antidote that can be administered if an opioid overdose is suspected. Community Safety security staff have also been trained on how to supply supportive medical care to affected individuals by administering oxygen and emergency first aid.

In the case of a report of a suspected opioid overdose, call 911 and then call York University’s Security Services at 416-736-5333. Then start rescue breathing or CPR. York’s Community Safety security staff may be the first responders available to administer Narcan. They are trained to administer supportive medical aid until emergency personnel arrive for transport to the hospital. You can learn more about York U’s opioid action plan by reading this YFile article, “York University readies its opioid action plan.”

York U students enjoy the green space on campus
York U students enjoy the green space on campus.

Crisis Support and Care

The Office of Student Community Relations (OSCR) takes a holistic approach to supporting students impacted by critical incidents, facing personal crises or multiple complex issues; support may include referrals to other on and off campus resources. OSCR can advocate for students to secure academic accommodations, financial assistance, study leaves or emergency housing. For more information, please contact the OSCR by calling 416-736-5231 or email a representative at

The Sexual Violence Response Office (SVRO) oversees administration of the University’s Sexual Violence Policy for faculty, staff and students, and is the first point of contact providing supports, service and accommodations to community members who have experienced sexual violence. For more information, please contact the SVRO by calling 416-736-5211 or email

Remember, these campus safety resources are here to ensure that all students, staff and faculty can enjoy a secure learning environment. If you need assistance or want to report an unsafe situation, don’t hesitate to reach out to York’s safety services: they’re here to help! For a directory of all on-campus safety resources, visit York U’s Safety website.

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