Introduction to Glendon Campus: Part 2

Posted by Breanna Marcelo on August 22, 2017

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A view of the Glendon grounds

We all know Glendon as York U’s bilingual liberal arts institution, but there is so much more about the campus that students may not know! Aside from its beauty and architecture, which the #YUBlog highlighted in our previous post “Introduction to Glendon: Part 1“, Glendon is home to a small population of about 2,700 students and fosters a close-knit community. Thanks to its cohesive environment and personalized educational experience, Glendon Campus has become a home to Glendon’s students, staff and faculty. In the second part of the #YUBlog’s “Introducing Glendon Campus” series, take a look at my interviews with Glendon’s student Tour Guide Amy Parent and Francette Maquito, Glendon alumnus and current administrative staff member.

Glendon Campus: The Student Perspective

When I went to Glendon for the #YUBlog, my friendly student Tour Guide Amy told me about the campus, its history and her experience at Glendon. Amy is a recent graduate of Glendon, where she studied English and History.

Tour Guide Amy on her graduation day outside of Glendon Manor

YU Blog: What are your thoughts on Glendon’s small community?

AP: “Glendon’s small community is what convinced me to come here. I come from a very small town, so going from a class size of 20 to 400 was not something that I was ready for and I really liked the idea that I would have a personalized education here at Glendon. It’s my favorite part about the school.”

YU Blog: What are the benefits of getting involved on campus?

AP: “Getting involved really helps you feel like a part of the community. A lot of our students participate in clubs: we have over 40 of them on campus! The benefit of participating in a student club is that you get to know everyone and you can leave a mark on campus. I have a friend who started the GL ME TO WE Club and it’s still going strong. She’s graduating now and it’s her mark on the campus.”

YU Blog: Can you describe one of your best experiences on campus?

AP: “I lived in residence for all 4 years. My best experiences were definitely frosh week, where I met some of my best friends, as well as my late night study sessions in York Hall and making snowmen in the quad!”

YU Blog: What are the major courses or areas of study you can take at Glendon?

AP: “Glendon is focused on [but not limited to] the Liberal Arts. Our biggest programs are International Studies and Psychology. We offer a translation program too, since we’re very focused on languages and bilingualism. Glendon also has a new Biology program, which focuses on ecology and natural science. Additionally, we offer an International Studies and Business Administration Dual Degree that is unique to the campus. This dual iBA/BBA degree gives students with strong French abilities the opportunity to study at the emlyon business school in France for the second half of their degree following two years of study at Glendon. It’s very competitive, but it’s a great opportunity.”

Glendon Campus: An Alumnus and Staff Perspective

Francette, Glendon alumnus and current administrative staff member

During my day at Glendon, I also interviewed Francette Maquito, Glendon alumnus and current administrative staff member. She is a Glendon graduate with a major in Philosophy and is now working in the Recruitment office! We asked her a few questions about the Glendon experience to get a staff perspective on the campus community.

YU Blog: What are your thoughts on Glendon’s small community?

FM: “It is one of my favorite aspects of Glendon. A big part of my choice to come here when I was a student was that I really enjoyed being a big fish in a small pond. I’m going to hit you with the stats: our average class size is about 26 students, so it’s really easy to connect with your professors. They know you by name, so you’re able to form a personalized learning experience. At Glendon, everyone is a friend of a friend, so you pretty much know everyone around here, which adds to the community feel.”

YU Blog: What are some facts we do not know about the Glendon Campus?

FM: “The big one is that we are not a French campus: we’re a bilingual campus! A big fact that a lot of students don’t know is that you don’t have to know any French to come here. We accept every level of French, and our promise is that a hundred percent of our students graduate with the minimum level of a bilingual degree. We help our students with languages: you’re placed in Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced French Second Language courses for 3 or 4 years. We also assist students inside and outside the classroom with support services. You’re also hearing French outside the classroom everywhere, so you’re practicing all the time.”

YU Blog: Can you describe one of your best experiences on the Glendon Campus?

FM: “There are so many! Glendon hosts an Explore program, which is a Canada-wide immersion program funded by the government to foster bilingualism across the country. I had the opportunity to be a Monitor and then Head Monitor for this program at Glendon. We welcomed 200 students to campus to learn English and French, and that was a great experience for me. You meet a lot of people and now I have friends all over Canada who say, “Hey if you’re ever in town, come visit!”

Plan Your Visit to Glendon

Overall, my trip to Glendon was an amazing experience. I enjoyed learning about Glendon’s history, new programs and their friendly student community. If you want to plan your own visit to Glendon Campus, take a look at our previous YU Blog post “Introducing Glendon: Part 1” to learn more about transportation options and booking a tour. This was definitely the first of many visits to Glendon, and I can’t wait to go back.

Have you ever visited Glendon? Tell us about your experience in the comments down below or on Twitter @YorkUstudents!


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