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Posted by Breanna Marcelo on August 17, 2017

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David Collenette, a notable alumni of Glendon Campus, once said that the school is a
“bilingual gem in a unilingual sea”. I love that line, and after visiting York U’s beautiful bilingual liberal arts campus, I agree. If you haven’t read our previous #YUBlog post “8 Fun Things To Do This Summer on the YorkU Campus“, you may not know very much about Glendon. Before my own visit, I wasn’t too familiar with the campus. However, after taking a tour with Student Guide Amy Parent last week, I was amazed by the history, programs and activities Glendon has to offer York U students. In part 1 of the #YUBlog’s introduction to Glendon, learn why the campus should be your next visit.

Glendon manor

Glendon manor and gardens

Introducing: Glendon Campus

Established in 1959, Glendon is York U’s smaller campus offering undergraduate and graduate programs in French and English. Glendon, which is only a short shuttle bus ride away from Vari Hall, was the founding campus of York U and is located on the Wood family estate in Lawrence Park. Glendon is home to beautiful hiking trails, gardens, historic architecture, the Glendon Athletic Club and the Leslie Frost library. Whether you want to pursue your studies at Glendon full-time, take a course on campus in either language, or visit the beautiful grounds for a study session, Glendon Campus offers students a unique learning environment.

Why You Should Visit Glendon Campus

The Beauty

Glendon Campus is known for being particularly picturesque. One of the most beautiful places I saw on my campus tour was the Glendon Manor, which is the former mansion of the Wood family and is now used for administrative offices and campus activities. To me, the manor looks like something out of a fairy tale, especially during the spring and summer when all the flowers in the Rose Garden are blooming. If you’re a York University student, Glendon’s grounds are an ideal place to study or have a summer picnic. If you will be taking courses on the Glendon campus, you might even have a class in the Glendon Manor!

Inside the Glendon Manor

Lunik Co-op, Glendon’s Cozy Café

Once we were inside the Manor, we visited the Lunik Co-op café located in the basement of the Manor. The café is an ideal spot for York U students to study and socialize. The volunteer-run café operates on a pay-what-you-can model, so be sure to buy a hot drink and a yummy treat: I’ve heard their coconut cream cupcakes are amazing! As another benefit, a lot of the café’s food is vegan, gluten-free and/or organic. Lunik also occasionally hosts events like open mic nights, when it is transformed into Café Chantant. To learn more about Lunik Co-op, check out their Facebook page.

Note: This café is closed for the summer, but be sure to check it out when school starts

The Lunik Co-op café

Glendon Athletic Club (GAC)

Our next stop on the tour was the Glendon Athletic Club (GAC). Located behind the gorgeous Glendon Manor, the GAC is open to all York students, staff, faculty, alumni and community members. For a $20 yearly membership, you can use the pool, boxing studio, weight room, squash and tennis courts and gymnasium. You can also participate in group exercise classes, which is a great way to meet other Glendon students. To get your membership card, bring $20 and your YU-card to the GAC Membership Office.

The Glendon Athletic Club swimming pool

The Leslie Frost Library

A visit to this sleek library overlooking the Rose Garden is definitely worth the trip to Glendon. It’s a nice feeling to sit at a desk reading or studying while looking out on such beautiful scenery. Since Glendon has a small population of approximately 2,700 students, the library is usually not too crowded. The best spot in building? The Fireside Room, where students can study by a stone fireplace.

The Leslie Frost Library, The Fireside Room

The Leslie Frost Library overlooking the Rose Garden

Glendon’s Unique Courses

One of the best reasons to visit Glendon is to enrol in their unique undergraduate courses, graduate studies and certificate programs. For current students who want to learn French, either from scratch or at any level, Glendon offers many FSL (French as a Second Language) courses, as well as support services outside the classroom. For more information about Glendon’s bilingual mandate, check out Glendon’s Bilingual Requirement page.

Specializing in, but not limited to liberal arts, Glendon offers a range of undergraduate degree programs, including Biology, Communications, Political Science and Sociology, to name a few. Most Glendon courses are offered in either English or French and are open for enrolment to any York U student. Glendon also offers an International Studies and Business Administration Dual Degree that is unique to the campus. This dual iBA/BBA degree gives students with strong French abilities the opportunity to study at the emlyon business school in France for two years after two years of study at Glendon. Visit the program website to learn more about the International Studies and Business Administration Dual Degree at Glendon.

Plan Your Visit to Glendon

If you want to see the Glendon campus for yourself, take the Glendon shuttle bus from Vari Hall on the Keele campus. The shuttle travels between campuses approximately every hour during the academic year and less frequently in the summer. Check York U’s Transportation Services website for the current schedule. You may also want to consider booking a forty-five minute campus tour to make the most of your visit. If you want to get an insider’s perspective on York’s bilingual campus, visit Glendon’s eAmbassador student blog.

The shuttle bus to Keele Campus

Stayed tuned for the #YUBlog’s next post about the students of Glendon! We interviewed our Tour Guide, Amy Parent, and Glendon’s Print & New Media Coordinator Francette Maquito to get their perspective on what makes Glendon campus a truly unique educational experience.

Have you been to Glendon yet? Feel free to share your experiences on Twitter @YorkUStudents or comment below!

Note: This is an updated version of a post originally published by Arshia on December 23, 2014.

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