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Posted by York & U on August 1, 2017

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A York U student learns about Student Financial Profiles at Financial Services

I know, I know: if you’re a York U student, you’re currently busy enjoying your last few weeks of summer and you don’t want your vacation to end. However, I have some important news that may be to your financial benefit: starting on August 1, applications are open for the Student Financial Profile (SFP) for the Fall/Winter 2017-2018 session. If you haven’t read our previous blog post about financing your education, you may be wondering: what is the Student Financial Profile?

Submitting Your Student Financial Profile

The SFP is a multipurpose online application form used by current York U students to apply for scholarships, bursaries and on-campus employment programs. Future York U students or prospective applicants can apply for scholarships, awards and bursaries on the Future Students webpage. Both current undergraduate and graduate students can access the SFP, with the exception of those pursuing an MBA at Schulich. Current York U students are encouraged to complete the SFP at the start of each academic session (once for Fall/Winter and once for Summer) to increase your chances of being considered for a variety of financial aid programs and on-campus employment opportunities.

Submitting your SFP by the required deadlines could give you some extra cash for the school year as well as valuable work experience. Due dates for awards can vary, so it’s worth setting aside some time to explore the many that are on offer using the Student Financial Service’s award search page. Every year, a number of bursaries and awards aren’t claimed, essentially going to waste. That’s free money down the drain, people!

Check out our video for the simple details of how to apply for a Student Financial Profile:

Student Financial Profiles and Work/Study Positions

Students must also submit a Student Financial Profile to be eligible for Work/Study positions. York U offers students a range of on-campus employment opportunities, including part-time roles working with administration and faculties, as well as roles that focus on research and campus engagement. For example, in addition to administrative Work/Study positions, eligible undergraduates can apply for Research at York (RAY) positions to join faculty research projects. Students can also apply for College Life at York (CLAY) jobs, which focus on enhancing the student experience in York’s colleges by creating new programs and services. Additionally, the York Engaged Students (YES) program has positions for student leaders to provide campus engagement activities such as advising and peer mentoring. The RAY, CLAY and YES programs are all unique to York and provide students with exciting early opportunities to launch their careers. You can find more information about York’s Work/Study positions and see if you meet the eligibility criteria on the Student Financial Services Work/Study webpage. The sooner you submit your Student Financial Profile, the sooner you can apply for the Fall/Winter Work/Study positions, which will be posted on the Career Centre website.

What are you waiting for? Submit your Student Financial Profile today!

For more information regarding the SFP, or any other financial inquiries, hop on over to the Student Financial Services website.

Note: This post was updated to reflect new information on August 1, 2017.

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    Clive Gayle

    I’m having some difficulty with apply for awards, is it possible to see someone for a one-on-one tutorial of how to complete my sfp.

    • Lauren Sutherland
      Lauren Sutherland

      Hi Clive, thanks for reaching out to us! If you need guidance to complete your Student Financial Profile, you can visit the Registrar’s Office in the Bennett Centre for Student Services to speak with a Financial Aid Advisor.