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Posted by Garima on August 16, 2016

Student Life

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Birdseye view of students walking in Vari Hall. Superimposed by text: places at YorkU.

The Ab: “The Ab” is a nickname for The Absinthe Pub & Coffee Shop, which is run by students. Housed in Winters College, the Ab features a large-screen TV, dartboards, pinballs, video games and some live performances.

Village: The Village is the name for the off-campus student housing unit situated south of the Keele campus. The best part? YU Transportation Services offers three York University shuttles — Village Express, Village East, and Village West — to students residing in the Village.

Bear Pit: A place where many events such as club fairs and blood drives happen throughout the year! It is situated in front of the Religious Centre once you have entered Central Square.

Atrium/Heart of York: The Atrium — commonly known as the “Heart of York” — is another name for Vari Hall. It takes its name from the building’s central location and its status as an event hub throughout the year.

Smokes: Smokes — a short-form for Smoke’s Poutinerie — is one of the campus’s most popular food choices, located in the Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) Building.

Tait: Tait — a short form for Tait McKenzie Centre — is a gym located near the Life Sciences Building. With a membership (that costs only 15 dollars a year), students can access a gym, swimming pool, as well as facilities and resources.

Scott/Steacie/Bronfman: Scott, Steacie and Bronfman are three of the eight libraries at YorkU, with Scott being the main one.

Lanes: Lanes is a short form of York Lanes, YorkU’s mini mall. York Lanes has around 40 stores and restaurants and is a central hub for students to socialize and grab meals between lectures.

The Underground: The Underground is a name for an underground campus kitchen run by students. It is located in the Student Centre and hosts many events throughout the year, such as karaoke and bingo nights.

agYU: agYU stands for the Art Gallery of YorkU and is York’s own art gallery located in the Accolade East Building.


Image of a female waiting for TTC bus at YorkU bus loop. Superimposed by text: buses at yorku.

Bus loop: Being predominantly a commuter school, YorkU has a plethora of bus services operating on campus. The main bus loop — used by TTC and GO buses — is located around YorkU Commons, with the YRT/VIVA and Züm bus loop behind the Archives of Ontario. Learn more about the many transportation options to and from YorkU.

196: The 196 is a TTC-operated bus that takes you to Downsview station; a 196B takes you to Sheppard/Yonge station.

501: The 501 is a Züm-operated bus that takes you to Brampton.

60: The 60 is a TTC-operated bus that takes you to Finch station (the 199 bus will also take you to Finch).


Image of a male and female student standing next to a red sign. Superimposed by text: resources at yorku

YFile: YFile is YorkU’s campus newsletter. Its mandate is to serve York faculty, staff and students by writing, editing and reporting on campus news.

SFP: SFP stands for Student Financial Profile and is a multi-purpose online application form that you can fill out for various scholarships, bursaries and on-campus jobs. To learn more about the SFP and how you can be eligible, visit the YorkU Financial Aid page.

YU-card: The YU-card is our official photo identification card and campus debit card — all in one! You need this card to access services such as the library, gym, exams, meal plans, shopping, events, discounts and more.

DPR: DPR stands for the Degree Progress Report and is an online self-serve tool that allows students to track their progress toward their degree. It displays the credits you have already satisfied, credits you still require and even calculates your GPA!

goSAFE: If you ever feel unsafe or need someone to get around campus — especially at nighttime — goSAFE is your go-to. You can contact goSAFE at (416)-736-5455 or learn about their services here.

M.A.L.L.: M.A.L.L. is an acronym for the McLaughlin Academic Life Line, which is run by students to help their fellow Yorkies with all aspects of academic life at YorkU. The students work under a College academic adviser. From the McLaughlin web page:

Dropping a course? Appealing a grade? Choosing a major? Starting a petition? Studying for exams? Writing an essay? Too many parking tickets? Well, then we can help!!!

Passport York: Passport York is exactly what it sounds like: your passport to York! Your Passport York ID authenticates you as a member of the YorkU community and gives you access to a wide range of computing resources and services such as course enrolment.

YI: YI stands for York International and is York’s designated department that assists all visiting international students, as well as domestic and international students who wish to work or study abroad.

SC&LD: SC&LD stands for Student Community & Leadership Development and is the “heart of student life at York”. Some programs and services that SC&LD offers include: RED Zone, Health Education & Promotions, help with Orientation and more. Their mandate is to assist new Lions in their transition to University and to help all students make the most of their York experience.

YU Connect: YU Connect is an online system that allows students to match opportunities to their self-selected interests. It also records all extracurricular activities for that useful co-curricular transcript!


Birdseye view of people sitting in rows at the Schulich School of Business. Superimposed by text: miscellaneous at YorkU.

York GPA system: YorkU’s Grade Point Average (GPA) scale ranges from a 0.0 (F) to a 9.0 (A+) GPA.

YFS: YFS stands for York Federation of Students, which is the student government body at YorkU, representing more than 55,000 students on the Keele campus. The union organizes many events throughout the year, such as YorkFest, and it even brought in Big Sean for a concert last year! You can learn more about YFS and all of their initiatives here.

RLC: RLC is the short form of Residence Life Coordinator, the person who oversees the student experience in residence.

Don: A don is your go-to person in residence! You can ask him or her for help/advice, and dons are also responsible for hosting floor-wide meetings and events.



Image of Vari Hall. Super imposed by text: bonus at yorku

Image of YorkU Commons with green trees and sitting areas. Superimposed by text: Procrastigreening, the act of avoiding all of your responsibilities by hanging out at YorkU Commons instead. Image of a statue with two males shaking hands. Superimposed by text Curt Hello: when you run into your friend on the way to Curtis Lecture Halls. Image of Scott Library ceiling. Superimposed by the text: Scott-nighter: when you spend an entire night at Scott library to finish that essay due next morning Image of TEL building showing multiple floors. Superimposed by text: tel-ephoning: the act of calling your friend when you get lost at the TEL building. Image of Accolade East Building with a man walking up the stairs. Superimposed by text saying: Ace-ing: the act of acing your courses after an entire week of studying in the Accolade East basement. Image of two females walking across a walkway in front of York Lanes. Super imposed by the words lane weaving: the act of making your way through hundreds of students at York Lanes in search of food. Image of Tait Mackenzie Pool. Superimposed by text that says taiting: the act of waiting for your friends to meet you at the Tait Mackenzie Gym. Image of Vari Hall. Superimposed by words: Thank you Vari much.


Garima is a second-year Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) Student at YorkU . She no longer blogs regularly for the YU Blog but may post on occasion as a guest-blogger.

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