Six Reasons Why You Should Transfer to York

Posted by York & U on April 5, 2016

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Row of students dressed in red with the York U Lion mascot


Transferring to another college or university is a big decision. You’ll want to consider program completion time, financial options, course scheduling, career preparation, program quality and more.

We think York University should be your top choice, but admittedly, we may be a little biased . . . . So here are the top reasons why our students chose York, straight from the lion’s mouth.

(Our school mascot is a lion . . . . See what we did there? Moving along . . . .)


  1. Generous #YorkUTransfer credit

To make it brief: If the college/university courses you took elsewhere align with York courses (this is something we assess by reviewing your transcripts and course descriptions), we’ll grant you as much transfer credit as we can, helping you to complete your degree faster.

Ashley is a great example of what we call a closely aligned program transfer. By transferring from a business college certificate to a business program at York (same areas of study), she was able to maximize her transfer credit. Ashley received 50 credits toward her degree, which shaved off close to two years of study!

5800+ applicants were granted transfer credit in 2014.


Headshot of a woman with the words superimposed, “The Bachelor of Administrative Studies interested me as it related to my current career [Ashley is the Manager of Supply Chain Planning, Retail Deli at Parmalat Canada]. York offers courses that will improve my skill set and take me to the next level in my career.” Ashley Ward First year, Administrative Studies, specializing in Management, Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies Previous Studies: Canadian Institute of Traffic and Transportation (CITT) Certificate, Sheridan College


  1. Fast-Track application service

We offer a while-you-wait admissions service to our transfer and mature applicants called Fast-Tracking. Applicants meet with one of our admissions assessors at a fast-tracking event or appointment, and they have their application processed right then and there.

Joy took advantage of this option and was admitted within one week! Depending on your application, you could be admitted on the spot and receive you transfer assessment within days.


Portrait of a woman shot through a metal sculpture, with the words superimposed, “My admissions assessor was very helpful in giving me all the information I needed and processing my application. He was patient and listened to my concerns. I received my acceptance email within one week!” Joy Moro Second year, Biotechnology, Faculty of Science Previous Studies: Biotechnology Advanced Diploma, Centennial College


  1. Transfer Connect — personal online support

Transfer Connect is an online chat available only to York University transfer applicants. Once you have been admitted and assessed, transfer student representatives will guide you through the transfer process at York. You can ask questions about your offer of admission, credit and course assessments, next steps and more. If you have questions before you apply, you’ll want to attend one of our evening information sessions.

Meet Laura, one of our Transfer Connect Student representatives. She is a fourth-year student studying Psychology and Law.


89% of Transfer Connect attendees found their appointment very helpful.


Close-up of a woman with the words superimposed, “I hope that by sharing my own experiences with you, I will be able to aid you in your adventure as you transfer to York. Feel free to ask any questions about your transfer credits, coming to York or about our amazing facilities, clubs and teams.” Laura Valderrama Fourth year, Psychology and Law, Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies Previous Studies: High school


  1. Good work/life balance in your studies

To help you balance your priorities between work, family and your education, we offer full-time or part-time study options, day and evening classes and eLearning.

Take Harpreet. It was important for him to keep his full-time job while he upgraded his business skills to progress in his career. Thanks to our evening classes, he’s able to do that.


A man standing in front of revolving doors, with the woirds superimposed, "One of the reasons I chose York is because they offered the flexibility of being able to work full-time. Having the option of taking evening or online courses and learning on the weekends really helps." Harpreet Singh Third year, Administrative Studies, specializing in Marketing, Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies Previous Studies: Accounting Diploma, Humber College


  1. Streamlined transition to York

We offer dedicated resources to make your transition to York as seamless as possible. Whether you need help with time management, exam preparation and writing or could use a peer mentor, personal counsellor or academic advisor, we’ve got you covered.

Sienna took a break between attending college and university so she could work. She was a bit nervous about attending university, but was able to make the adjustment thanks to our academic support services.


A woman and a small child sitting on a ledge outside pointing to the sky, with the words superimposed, “I made the decision to return to school when I was 26. With a small child, a house and bills filling my plate, I was daunted by a four-year degree. I took advantage of on-campus supports offered by the Writing Centre and Learning Skills Services. I was taught how to write a university-level essay and study efficiently and effectively.” Sienna Stock Second year, Health Studies, Faculty of Health Previous Studies: Creative Advertising, Seneca College


  1. Experiential learning — your degree in action

Our Career Centre offers something beyond internships, job-search help, resumé preparation and networking opportunities: Experiential Education. What does that mean? We’ll bring guest speakers, field simulations and workshops into your classroom, as well as pull you out of class — to conduct hands-on research on real-world challenges, travel abroad and engage in community service.

Stephanie completed a teaching practicum as a part of her program. She didn’t just learn about teaching; she taught. She now works for the Toronto District School Board.


A woman pictured outdoors, smiling at the camera, with the words superimposed, Stephanie Sessa Alumna, Concurrent Education with a Major in French Studies Previous Studies: Law Clerk Diploma and General Arts Certificate, Seneca College


More than 87 per cent of York U grads are employed within six months of graduation.


Well, there you have it – a glimpse into our students’ reasons for choosing York. We hope they’ve pointed you in our direction, but at the end of the day, the decision is yours. If you have any questions about transferring to York or would like to speak to your own experiences, comment below or tweet us at @yorkustudents. Good luck!