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Posted by Sunera on March 10, 2016

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The final year of university is an exciting time. Many of you are exploring your options for further studies, and most of us have started to navigate the labour market to explore different career options, including myself. Throughout my journey, I must say that the Career Centre has been my saviour. In what follows I have highlighted some of the key elements that I have found particularly helpful during this process.

Visit the Career Centre: The first step in initiating a successful post-graduation career path is to polish your resumé and cover letter. To get some help, I visited the Career Centre at the beginning of the year. As students, we are fortunate to be able to make one-on-one appointments with career counsellors. The counsellor I worked with gave constructive feedback, while also editing and polishing my documents to professional standards. In addition to help with resumés and cover letters, the Career Centre provides career-counselling sessions, job-search advising, interview practice sessions and much more. As an additional perk, as York Lions, we can visit the Career Centre for up to two years after graduation to have these experts aid us as we seek employment.

TASTE: Interested in a particular career? Take the opportunity to talk with a York alumna/alumnus over lunch to gain some insight into their experience working in the field and learn about job and industry trends through the Take a Student to Eat (TASTE) program. My blogging colleague Daniel recently wrote an in-depth post about some students’ fantastic experience with the program. Note: As a prerequisite to participating in TASTE, students have to attend a dining etiquette workshop, an opportunity that will prove handy as you begin your professional life.


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The Career Centre can help you launch the professional path you dream of.


Make a LinkedIn Profile: University is the best time to set up a LinkedIn profile, especially if you are employed during your university years, which, as reality has it, most of us are. It is a great tool that allows you to connect professionally with people you have worked with or with whom you have collaborated on projects. Members of your club, people in your College, your coworkers and your employers all make for useful connections. They can recommend you or speak to your strengths. People will also move on to graduate or change jobs, thereby broadening your own network too if you stay connected to them. So if you have invested in a working relationship with someone, the time to reach out to them on LinkedIn is now. Not sure how to best showcase yourself on this social platform? Again, the Career Centre can come to your aid with workshops on creating LinkedIn portfolios.

Online Job Postings: Alongside attending a variety of workshops, I spend most of my time responding to online job postings. To find suitable positions, I have used major job-search sites such as LinkedIn, Google and Monster, but I have also heavily utilized the Career Centre Online Job Postings page. I absolutely love this site. You can look for work organized by sectors, different job-posting sites, higher education careers, targeted job-search sites, green jobs, and overseas employment and much more. I highly recommend you spend some time here as you plan your future career moves.

This has been my approach for navigating the labour market while exploring different sectors and utilizing various avenues. How have you gone about job hunting? Do comment and share your thoughts below or tweet us at @yorkustudents!


Sunera graduated from York University in May, 2016 with an Honours BA in Work and Labour Studies.

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