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Posted by Rebecca on December 8, 2015

A YU Perspective

Student Ambassadors in front of Vari Hall

In the age of short text messages and emoji-filled Instagram comments, it is safe to say that we don’t always take the time out to think deeply about what is happening in our lives. We metaphorically clock in and out every day, and with the rise of technology, its often instant gratification and power to distract, we end up missing a lot of special moments. In a new series, we at the YU Blog will be centering our posts around one theme and creating a dialogue between some York University students about their opinions on it. We hope that our discussions will get you thinking more deeply about the world and your impact on it.

This month’s theme: CARE ?

It seems like such a simple, everyday word, yet it can have so much meaning. We asked our trusty Student Tour Ambassadors and bloggers about what their idea of care is and how they implemented it in their daily lives.

Kevin Hibbert, 2nd-year – Criminology

When I think of care, I think of it in the sense of self-care. For me, it is important to balance not just school work but also care of self, because school gets stressful. For me, after an exam or working on an assignment that I considered difficult, I treat myself – I probably take an entire evening off and just watch my favourite TV shows or go to the movies. On a regular basis I balance school and care by ensuring that on at least three mornings, I go the gym for a one-hour workout. I think that keeping that balance is important for all students: try and find something that resonates with you; it will really help you in times of stress.

York Tour Ambassadors jumping in the air
Caring about others is a huge priority at York U. Here’s a flashback from YU Campus Day: we’re having a little fun.


Raman Dhaliwal, 3rd-year – English and History

My idea of care is care about the world. It’s very general. I always care a little too much about stuff. I’m in a store, for example, and I’ll unfold a shirt. I’ll realize that it wasn’t that cute, and I’ll refold it and put it back because I think it will feel lonely. I care that much! There are so many different aspects of life that we need to care about, whether it is the environment, yourself, your colleagues, or caring about world issues. For me, there’s so much that encompasses the word “care.” All I can say is that I care about it all! For example, I have the option to take a car to school, but it is not really environmentally friendly, because you waste so much gas just trying to get to campus. So I’ll take the bus, and I don’t mind, because in addition to being a bit kinder to the environment, I also get work done on public transit. There’s also a really cute farmers’ market I go to; it’s local produce all the way from Niagara. It’s really nice food and it tastes real. Caring for other people is important too. You show care when you love something, and I think everyone should share care for everything that is not bad.

Rebecca Mangra, 2nd-year – English

When I think of care, I also think of it in terms of other people. I like to think of care as little bursts of kindness that you can dole out on a regular basis. For example, asking how someone’s day went and giving them your undivided attention or buying an extra coffee for your fellow student or coworker. It’s important to think of care as something that you can give in large scoops (such as during family get-togethers during the holidays) or smaller ones. No matter the size, an act of care is an act of love all the same.

How do you show care? Tell us in the comments or tweet me @yorkustudents!


Rebecca M. is a third-year English major. She no longer blogs regularly for the YU Blog but may post on occasion as a guest-blogger.

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