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Posted by Rebecca on November 5, 2015

A YU Perspective

York University is hosting Fall Campus Day (FCD) at the Keele campus this Saturday, November 7, from 10am to 2:30pm. The day is the best time to visit the campus, take a tour and meet some of the passionate upper-year students and profs you might be seeing next September if you decide to choose York for university! The Keele campus is huge this was me for most of first year, finding new places to hang out and study:



To help you navigate and find your own hidden gems, we’ve created a master post of places to check out on campus. Based on the program you’re interested in, your adventure at Fall Campus Day will look slightly different. Below is a map of the Keele campus, and if you click on one of the programs underneath, individual red markers will appear telling you where and when sessions for that program are happening, or which College is associated with it.

Think of each program as a representative that stands in for one of nine Faculties, so the paths you’ll see are applicable to multiple programs within that Faculty. Take a look at the list below to see what I mean.

If you decide to enroll in the Lion’s den that is York University, you can also use these maps as a geographic guideline of what a regular day would look like for you.

Want to know more about what is going during FCD? Check out my fellow blogger Megan’s write-up and the online agenda. There’s a full program for your enjoyment and information! You’ll even have the chance to win some prizes or enter a draw for free tuition. And if you’re a transfer or mature student, you’ll be excited to learn about the possibility of  fast-tracking your admission to York during FCD.


Programs and their associated Faculties:

  • Psychology (Faculty of Health)
  • Environmental Studies (Faculty of Environmental Studies)
  • Communication Studies (Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies)
  • Business (Schulich School of Business)
  • Engineering (Lassonde School of Engineering)
  • Math (Faculty of Science)
  • Art (School of the Arts, Media and Design)
  • Educational Studies (Faculty of Education)
  • Law (Osgoode Hall Law School)


To be clear, York has two more Faculties: Glendon and FGS, the Faculty of Graduate Studies. Both will have information booths set up in the Vari Hall Rotunda during FCD. If you’re interested in studying at York’s small, mid-town bilingual Glendon campus, be sure to check out its own Fall Campus Day Open House on Sunday, November 8.


Back at Keele, here are some spots no one should miss during FCD:

  1. The Bennett Centre for Student Services: Not only will we be serving free coffee but you can also visit the Admissions desk for any inquiries and join a campus tour (hint: there will a photo contest with prizes!).
  2. York Lanes: York Lanes is one of the top spots on campus because of the multiple services it houses. a bank, eateries, a medical centre, our bookstore and much more — it’s got everything you need in one place.
  3. Colleges: Each York student is affiliated with a College based on their program, and it’s one of the best ways to get involved. Your College has study rooms, a Junior Common Room where you can relax between classes and a student government that plans amazing trips (Montreal, Blue Mountain) and a formal at the end of the year. You’ll most likely be spending a lot of down time at your College, making lots of new friends!

I’ll be at Fall Campus Day as a volunteer, guiding you awesome newbies across campus. My bright red jacket will be visible from miles away, so be sure to stop by and say hi!



Rebecca M. is a third-year English major. She no longer blogs regularly for the YU Blog but may post on occasion as a guest-blogger.

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