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Posted by Rebecca on September 2, 2015

A YU Perspective

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Perfecting the art of studying at university can be quite the task. With all the reading and writing assignments we as students have to complete every week, it can be hard to keep up. York Lions are fortunate to have numerous services at our fingertips to help with anything from essay writing to research skills. Many Faculties offer academic help, as do the Colleges and other York entities such as the Libraries. But the multiple resources are so spread out that it can be difficult for a student to find the right type of help when you need it (and let’s face it: by the time most of us realize we could do with some assistance, it’s already pretty close to the deadline).

Enter: the Study Hub.

The Study Hub, an online one-stop shop for academic assistance at York, is the brainchild of Myda Kavazanjian, Stephanie Christopher and Pam Smith, three counsellors and educators from Counselling and Disability Services (CDS) at York. When students approached them for help, they realized that the university offered great resources for learners to use, but that they were all so scattered across campus that locating them could prove a challenge. As a result, the supports were not being used to their full potential. The three women then decided to create, with the help of York UIT’s Rod Potter, the Study Hub, a resource open to all York students, alumni and staff.

The Study Hub conveniently lists the academic help options available on campus in a centralized place. Want to learn how to take better notes? Looking for an English lit study group? Think a peer mentor or one-on-one tutoring could make all the difference in your math course? The Study Hub has you covered. In fact, it even provides a check list of signs that can indicate if you are struggling academically, and what you can do about it.

If you are an upper-year student or a York alum willing to share your academic secrets, you can also use the Study Hub to advertise tutoring services. And as a student, you can use the website to create or advertise your own study group. Those late-night cram sessions can get stressful, especially if you are trying to go it alone!

Study Hub creators
(from left) Pam Smith, Stephanie Christopher, and Myda Kavazanjian.


And here’s the other great thing about the Study Hub — it can help foster a sense of community. What most people don’t realize when they are struggling or need a bit of support is that most of the time, many other people feel exactly the same!

Stephanie Christopher, one of the Study Hub’s originators, says, “We often see students who are commuting to York feeling isolated and not knowing any people in their class, so it’s a great way to feel engaged.”

Finally, the Study Hub makes for a great resource for students who simply want to enhance their skills. The platform lists great workshops on essay writing and time management, for example. The website is publicly accessible, though students will have to use their Passport York logins to view the study group and tutoring services.

The Study Hub has been a while in the making. Christopher, Smith and Kavazanjian did a lot of research on other universities and their ways of indicating academic services to students. What makes the Study Hub special is that it truly for the first time brings together a wide variety of academic resources offered on campus in one spot. Lions, your study needs have a fresh way of being met as you begin this new school year!

Study Hub Screenshot
The Study Hub homepage — your new go-to study resource.


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Rebecca M. is a third-year English major. She no longer blogs regularly for the YU Blog but may post on occasion as a guest-blogger.

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