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Posted by Sunera on August 27, 2015

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Hey everyone!

Are you ready for Orientation Week? Even if you cannot attend all the events, York Orientation Day on Tuesday, September 8, is a must. If you haven’t already checked out the fun-filled schedule, you can do so by visiting the York U Orientation page.

Many of you have approached my colleagues and me as student ambassadors with your questions about the beginning of school and York orientation. Thank you for your awesome inquiries and for being all around great visitors! You have inspired this post, which I put together in collaboration with College presidents, Orientation Week (or frosh) bosses and many students like yourself. I figured if a few of you had these concerns, many of you probably had similar ones, so please find some answers to the most popular questions below.


Incoming Lions roaring
Incoming Lions roaring


How do I buy my tickets?

For York Orientation Day, you don’t have to buy tickets at all (its’s free!), but you do have to register. Buying tickets for other O-week events is easy: you can visit your College in person or buy your tickets online.

What is a frosh boss?

Frosh bosses are trained upper-year students who facilitate and partake in O-week activities, by default helping you have a great time. They also provide advice academic and social and show you what university is all about. Orientation Week bosses undergo many training sessions to be able to offer you the best experience as you begin university.

Some events run late. I really want to attend all of them but, I don’t live on campus in residence. What should I do?

Have no worry! That is why we open commuter rooms each year. When you think commuter room, think sleepover! Be sure to indicate that you would like accommodation when you purchase your social orientation week tickets. The commuter rooms are co-ed, but gender-specific rooms can be arranged on request. If you are not able to secure a commuter room for yourself, let your College Council staff know, as spots can open up later on.

I don’t want to stay in a commuter room, but still would like to attend some of the late events. Do I have other options?

O-week leaders and goSAFE  staff will be more than happy to walk you to your bus on campus, and they will even wait with you until your bus arrives!

Hang on a minute . . . you’ve got many off-campus events, but what about transportation?

We take care of that for you! Transportation is already covered in your Frosh kit. So all you really have to do is show up!

I’m not really into parties . . .

Don’t worry; there are usually alternative events on offer to get to know your peers in a calmer setting. Think movie night or game night here. If you don’t want to attend a particular event, know that we always have something else lined up as well!

Money: How much does it cost to attend orientation?

The exact price of O-week kits varies by College. If cost is a concern for you, talk to your College Council or College president to discuss your options.

Some Colleges also offer so-called small packages. Smaller packages are cheaper, but again, expect some variation of prices between Colleges.

If you’re really on a budget, make sure to take full advantage of the free events during Orientation Week, such as York Orientation Day (including a free shared lunch) on September 8 and Homecoming on September 12. They ensure that truly everyone can enjoy O-week!

Is there alcohol available during O-week?

York U’s O-week is a dry event, meaning that no drugs or alcohol are permitted. York University adheres to strict policies regarding these substances, and anyone not following the protocols will be asked to leave. Any drugs or alcohol found will also be confiscated.


York Orientation 2014
York Orientation 2014


I hope the above Q&A has helped with some of your concerns about orientation at York. Before closing, let me pass the baton to my student ambassador colleagues, who will each share a piece of advice with you concerning the beginning of school and O-week. Be sure to say hi when you come for your campus tour. Haven’t signed up yet? Wait no more!


Raman: “University is all about trying new things, and O-week is the perfect way to start.”

Kiran: “O-week is a perfect balance of events for everyone, whether you are into early-morning games or late-night parties.”

Fatima: “Have an open mind. And don’t worry if you can’t attend all the events, because nothing is mandatory. Most of the events happen during the daytime anyway.”

Kelly: “York Orientation Week is a place where you can meet new people and make lifelong friends!”

Sunera (me): “York University is a community. This community is established through your Colleges, and there is no better way to integrate into the community of which you are going to be a part for the next four years than O-week.”

Kevin: “If you are shy like me, then O-week is for you! You make friends and, best of all, you meet people from your College, which means you will take classes with many of them.”


Student ambassadors having some fun in the commons! (Ambassadors sitting in the order as the quotes listed above.)


Finally, check out this great message from the Red Zone ambassadors about Orientation Week!



Ready? See you September 8! If you have any more questions about York Orientation Week, comment below or tweet me at @yorkustudents.


Sunera graduated from York University in May, 2016 with an Honours BA in Work and Labour Studies.

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    Aishah omowunmi Imran

    Hii,how do I know I was able to secure a commuters room for frosh week

    • Sophie Morgan
      Sophie Morgan

      Hi Aishah. Thanks for reaching out to us and welcome to York! For any questions you have relating to residence rooms, it’s best to contact your College directly. See you at Frosh Week!

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