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Posted by Megan on July 17, 2015

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Hi Friends,

The Games are FINALLY here, and I’m so excited!

With a beautiful Opening Ceremony (check out these amazing pictures) featuring — but not limited to — amazing acrobatic art performed by Cirque du Soleil, a Parade of Nations and the lighting of the cauldron, the Games are off to a magnificent start. In fact, at the time of writing this article, Team Canada is placed FIRST with 38 Gold medals, 36 Silver and 23 Bronze. Way to go! (Team Brazil, most of which is staying with us on York’s Keele Campus, is also doing wonderfully, with 18 Gold medals and 61 medals in total.)

Did you miss out on the Opening Ceremony? You can still watch the entire presentation on the CBC website.

An image of children dancing at the Opening Ceremony.
Look at how magical the Opening Ceremony was! Image source.

The Opening Ceremony was just the beginning, however, and there are many important dates to be mindful of — including some that will have a short-term effect on York University’s Keele Campus (lane closures, yes, but also much more excitement around the Pan Am Stadium [YOR], the Canadian Tennis Centre [CTC] and Tait McKenzie Centre). Let’s take a look at some dates! Feel free to bookmark this resource, so that you can focus on the fun of the Games from here on out.

If you have any questions about the dates listed, or you just want to talk about the Games with me, make sure to comment below or tweet @yorkustudents.

Important Dates

The Games: General Overview

The Pan Am Games will take place until July 26, the Parapan Am Games between August 7 and August 15. When will this affect campus? Expect more visitors on campus from:

  • July 10 to 16 for Tennis (at the Rexall Centre, known for the duration of the Games as the Canadian Tennis Centre)
  • July 21 to 25 for Athletics events (at the CIBC Pan Am Stadium, or as we know it, the Toronto Track & Field Centre).
  • August 7 for the Parapan Am Opening Ceremony (also at the CIBC Pan Am Stadium)
  • August 10 to 14 for Parapan Athletics events (again at the CIBC Pan Am Stadium — it’s getting lots of use this summer!)
A photograph by Snuffy of the Stadium.
It’s going to be so nice to see the stadium filled up with people! Image source.

The Games: Accompanying Events

You probably remember me mentioning an arts and culture festival a few times, no? Called PANAMANIA, it aims to be the perfect complement to the athletic side of the Games. For 35 days between July 10 and August 12, enjoy free (!) music, art installations, delicious food and other fun activities.

If you’ve been following this blog, you will know that my coworker, Sam, outlined the musical performance schedule for your convenience. You can find the rest of the performances and exhibitions on the Toronto 2015 website, but I’ll give a brief overview of when and where you can celebrate below.

PANAMANIA Live at Nathan Phillips Square, including more than 130 musical acts on three stages. Daily from July 10 to 26 and August 7 to 12.

CIBC Pan Am Park (Harbourfront Centre) Where Art Meets Sport, including two stages for live music and roaming performances. Daily from July 11 to 25.

Concept art for the CIBC Pan Am Park.
Check out this amazing concept art of the CIBC Pan Am Park. PANAMANIA is going to be so fun! Image source.

PANAMANIA Live at the Distillery District, where you can enjoy the beauty of the cultures of the Americas as well as ticketed PANAMANIA events at the Young Centre for the Performing Arts. Daily (excluding Mondays) from July 11 to 25.

York-Specific Considerations

The Games are bringing fun, excitement and some fierce athleticism to Toronto, but these go along with some possibly less fun, though definitely temporary and fairly minor, side effects like road closures or more traffic. Drivers among you, take a peek below for dates related to parking and road restrictions on the campus. Remember that you can avoid or minimize these inconveniences by using the TTC.

A GIF of a cat runnign and perfectly fitting into a small confined space.
If only parking was this fun 😉 Image source.

Parking — the following lots will not be available for the times stated. If you have accessibility concerns, please contact Parking Services at 416-736-5335.

  • Tait McKenzie Lot —  May 15 to September 15
  • Thompson Lot —  July 4 to August 27
  • West Office Building Reserved Lot —  July 3 to August 27
  • Lumbers Medical and Visitor Lot —  June 26 to August 27
  • Lumbers North Lot —  July 10 to August 27
  • Founders West Lot —  August 7

Road Restrictions

  • Ian Macdonald Blvd (between Northwest Gate and Founders Rd), June 15 to August 27
  • Shoreham Drive (closed Eastbound), July 10 to 16 and August 8 to 17
  • Thompson Road (pre-registered vehicles only), July 15 to 25 and August 6 to 14
  • Ottawa Road (on-site traffic management), July 21 to 25 and August 6 to 14
  • Lumbers Lot/dock and Farquharson dock (pre-approved vehicles only), July 15 to 25 and August 2 to 14


Last but certainly not least, remember that York students also have a summer reading week from July 21 to 24. Some of our York athletes will competing on these dates — instead of going to class, you could always come out and support our Lions! Khamica Bingham, Daniel Novia and Dontae Richards-Kwok will all be competing at the CIBC Pan Am Stadium — find their competition dates in my #YUPride for Our Pan Am Lions post.

Don’t forget, if you are looking for more information on the Games, to check out York’s Pan Am website at!


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