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Posted by York & U on July 9, 2015

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Yue (Crystal) Niu says she has been mentored by student role models and in turn, "I have mentored others."
Yue (Crystal) Niu says she has been mentored by student role models and in turn, “I have mentored others.”

While York Administrative Studies student Yue (Crystal) Niu resorted to a “gut feeling” when she first applied to the program four years ago, her approach to selecting on-campus extracurricular activities has been carefully calculated to mesh with her academics.

Says Crystal: “York was the only university I applied to, and I have never regretted it, largely because of the valuable skills I’ve developed and the opportunity to explore the question that most students eventually ask themselves: ‘Who am I?’”

One look at Crystal’s CV and the answer is obvious: Here’s someone who wants to make the world a better and more organized place. In addition to a paid position as Don of Leadership and Learning Opportunities at Founders Residence, Crystal was also the college’s Head/Night Porter for two years, and held a summer job with York’s Admissions and Recruitment office as an International Transition Assistant. Her lengthy list of volunteer work includes (but is not limited to): Note-Taker for Counselling  & Disability Services, Student Ambassador and Orientation Leader at Social Orientation Week. Her hard work has paid off with a trophy shelf of awards, a certificate of appreciation and letters of recognition.

As well as giving her an impressive resumé, Crystal’s experiences have empowered her with valuable work and life skills. “Through York’s student communities and leadership programs I have developed interpersonal communication skills, time management and analytical skills. I was mentored by student role models and in turn, I have mentored others.”

In fact, it’s Crystal’s fellow students who have had the greatest impact on her personal growth. “I’ve been deeply influenced by York’s diversity. Every day I have learned something new from people with different backgrounds, and this has really cultivated my cultural sensitivity and objectivity.”

Looking back on the last four years, Crystal credits York for enriching her life. “I’ve made tons of friends, I’ve learned who I am and I’ve gained work experience right here on campus,” she says, adding, “I thank York University for shaping me into the person I am today.”

Just the Facts (and a few fun tidbits)

Name: Yue (Crystal) Niu
Languages: Native Mandarin, English, elementary Italian
Program: Bachelor of Administrative Studies, Specialized Honours of Management Science (graduated June 2015)
Flights of Fancy (and lots of learning): Academic Exchange program to Italy. Università della Calabria, Faculty of Management Engineering, February to August 2014
Future plans: Complete a master’s degree in International Business, find a job in logistics with a multi-national company and eventually pursue the dream to work with the United Nations

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