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Posted by Sam on June 19, 2015

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2015 Bestival Music Festival… Three thumbs up.

Introducing the Vari Reel

Good afternoon, good evening and goodnight, fellow Yorkies! My name is Sam Elsley, I am a third-year student here at York, and should you find any of my contributions to the YU Blog this coming summer informative or insightful, I would like you to imagine me giving you a perfect, five-finger-on-five-finger high five. Repeatedly. I hope there will be many.

In the age of 140 characters or less, I will keep this short, and include only that which is absolutely necessary. I will also, in this particular post, refer to myself in the third person, as I would like to think that it makes me sound more professional, if not a little peculiar (adjusts imaginary tie).

Program of study: Sam is in his third year of Communications.

Most interesting course taken at York: Japanese Literature & Film, in second year: interesting movies almost every class, incredible literature (Murakami, Murakami, Murakami), some great literary finds dating back centuries and an end-of-the-year party filled with Japanese delicacies and karaoke. Good times.

Why “The Vari Reel”: If a clever scholarly mind, preferably one with a Sherlock cap on his or her head, were to perhaps think of a certain landmark building located in the middle of the Keele campus, transfer its name to the role of an adjective meaning “a lot”, and then remember a somewhat dated material on which to record camera footage . . . this clever mind could theoretically put together the meaning behind the Vari Reel.

If you like Sherlock, we’re already friends.

The idea here is to construct a blog in which the true stories of York, represented by the word, “Vari”, can be told in an entertaining series of narratives, represented by the word “Reel.” If you say it out loud, the Vari Reel sounds like the title of a documentary film, and it is this sense of authenticity that Sam hopes to convey in his contributions to the YU Blog.

What he would like you to call him should you ever cross paths on campus: Lazerhawk. The “z” is crucial.

Happy fun things and activities that Sam enjoys: Music is Sam’s life and will probably creep into a majority of his posts. Fitness, photography and front-panel painting also take up a lot of Sam’s time, minus the front-panel painting. Sam just needed something that started with an “F” to make the sentence flow nicely.

Music is life

University in one phrase: University is like your favorite Netflix series — it gets better every season.

What’s in it for you: If you’ve spent even the smallest portion of your life on planet Earth, your perception of university will most likely have been formed by movies, family members or friends looking to impress you, or questionable stories told around the campfire. Sam hopes to convey a more authentic account of the genuine university experience and, more importantly, how to make the best use of both your academic and social time here at York.

He is by no means an expert, but in the three years Sam has traversed the landscape of university, his experiences have provided him with knowledge applicable to just about anyone. If you are somehow able to sift through all the obscure movie references, quirky syntax and relentless musical suggestions, Sam hopes you will find his insights helpful regardless of your situation and/or background.

Thumbs up


Sam recently graduated with an Honours BA in Communications.

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