5 Reasons to Love the Glendon-Keele Shuttle

Posted by Arshia on February 3, 2015

A Tale of Two Campuses

Never taken the shuttle before? It’s hard to miss.

You might get the smaller white shuttle that looks like this:

The little white shuttle to Glendon, most often used during the exam period or during the summer when there are fewer students.


or the longer white shuttle that looks like this:

York University shuttle bus
York U Shuttle bus to Glendon campus.


But more often than not, you’ll be taking this:

York’s newest shuttle design, featuring York’s “this is my time” campaign.


Yep, definitely hard to miss.

1) Total Convenience


From Monday to Friday, the Glendon-Keele shuttle stops about every hour in front of Vari Hall on the Keele Campus, at a bus stop with a user-friendly list of the shuttle timings. What’s great about the shuttle is that even if you live off campus, it’s still really easy to catch the shuttle from York University Commons, the central bus loop on campus. York Commons is also where you can find GO Transit and TTC buses, both popular bus services.

Catching it from Glendon? It stops right in front of the Centre of Excellence, which is central to the Glendon Campus.

Check out the Fall/Winter 2014-2015 Glendon-Keele shuttle schedule.


2) Friendly and reliable drivers


One of the many problems in the life of a commuter is the chance of missing your stop in case you fall asleep on your bus ride to class. Well, now you’re free to knock out as soon as you hop on the shuttle. Rest assured (pun intended) that the Glendon-Keele shuttle drivers will get you to your class in a timely manner and safely. Not tired? Enjoy listening to the catchy radio music that plays from speakers built into the bus (depending on which shuttle design you get). The shuttle drivers have great taste in music!


3) Only a 30-45 minute trip


It’s refreshing to be on a bus that doesn’t make any stops; its only destination is the other Toronto campus. Although it may take a little longer depending on traffic or road conditions, I get to Glendon or Keele in 30-45 minutes from the departure time.


4) The ultimate link between the Glendon and Keele campuses


York University offers 25 shuttle runs between the Glendon and Keele campuses each weekday during the Fall/Winter academic year, making it a smooth and uncomplicated process to have classes at both locations. I personally love it because I can have my core courses from my program at Glendon and still be able to take a fun elective course at Keele that relates to my program.


5) It’s free!


That’s right, 100% FREE for York students and staff. It’s undoubtedly the best part of taking the shuttle to either one of the campuses. All you need is your YU card, which you present to the shuttle driver before getting on. That’s how easy it is for the York community to enjoy the beauty of both campuses.

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Explore York’s Transportation Services webpage for more information about other services York provides, such as complimentary shuttles to the GO Train Station and Van Go, a mobility service for people with disabilities.



Arshia is a third-year international studies major at Glendon College. She no longer blogs regularly for the YU Blog but may post on occasion as a guest-blogger.

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