Winter Career Fair 2015

Posted by Arshia on January 19, 2015

A Tale of Two Campuses

Thursday, January 22, 2015

10am to 3pm
Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) Building

The Winter Career Fair is just around the corner! The most convenient way to find a full-time job, a part-time job, an internship or a summer job, this is an event that York students look forward to every year. I had the chance to go to the Fall 2014 Career Fair and I was amazed at just how many employers there were – professional employers recruiting York students and new graduate students. Whether it’s the Fall Career Fair or the Winter Career Fair, there are usually more than 5,000 students who drop by! The Winter Career Fair is sure to be just as much of a success as the event last semester. The only difference is a focus on summer positions this time around.


Highlights of the Fall 2014 Career Fair:


The list of the employers that are going to be at the Career Fair is extensive, with more than 60 listed on the Career Centre’s website (more to be added soon). It’s the perfect chance to do some networking, developing and making contacts in your field of interest.

When coming to the Career Fair for the first time, you’ll notice tables set up over the entire floor with representatives from businesses and organizations from all over Canada. As soon as the Fair begins, they are ready to answer your questions about their company and chat with you about how and when to apply, depending on your qualifications.

Intimidated? Don’t be. This is an opportunity to make a good first impression on an employer that could potentially offer you your dream job. The Career Centre offers tons of “Tips for Getting the Most Out of Career Fairs” which are super useful and may easily answer the questions that you may have about the event. Plus, student blogger Sunera has also written some fabulous tips to remember during a career fair in a previous blog post.


My experience with Career Fair employers


YMCA of Greater Toronto


The Canadian YMCA logo. Image Source.
The Canadian YMCA logo. Image Source

The YMCA is one of those places most people have visited, seen, heard or sung about at least once in their lives (the song about it is way too catchy to forget). Last semester, the YMCA’s table was the first one I checked out. They told me about this really interesting program they host every year called the Summer Work Student Exchange program. This is where high-school students get the chance to build their second language skills and gain work experience in either English or French while staying with a host family in another part of Canada.

I was super excited to be hearing about this. They told me they’re looking for university students to be local coordinators for the program which is a full-time summer position! Of course, knowledge of both English and French is preferred for this job, so this would be the perfect opportunity to utilize the French I’ve practiced at Glendon.

I definitely urge all high-school students reading this to seize this opportunity and apply to this program! It seems like a really unique experience.

summer work student exchange program
YMCA Summer Work Student Exchange. Image Source


Kognitive Marketing


Kognitive Marketing logo. Image Source
Kognitive Marketing logo. Image Source

At any Career Fair, it is always worth it to visit as many tables as you can, even the employers that you may be unfamiliar with. Kognitive Marketing was one of the many companies at the Fall 2014 Career Fair that I had never heard of, but decided to check out. The smiling woman seated at the table with an open laptop told me to take a seat. She told me to look into her laptop camera next to her and answer a few questions about possible scenarios involving their marketing positions and my knowledge of how to sell a product. That’s right, a recorded interview on the spot! Though I was a little nervous, I managed to answer all her questions and learn more about the company at the same time.

Both the YMCA and Kognitive Marketing will also be at the upcoming Winter Career Fair, so be sure to keep an eye out!


Can’t make it to the Fair? The Career Centre has got you covered.


There are a ton of other ways for students & new grads to connect/network with employers at York:

Did you know that the job search support listed below is available to York students & new grads for up to two years after graduation?

Highlights of the Winter 2014 Career Fair:


Whether it’s the Fall Career Fair or the Winter Career Fair, it’s always an exciting event to attend!

Questions? Let us know in the comments below!


Arshia is a third-year international studies major at Glendon College. She no longer blogs regularly for the YU Blog but may post on occasion as a guest-blogger.

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