A Tale of Two Campuses

Posted by Arshia on December 23, 2014


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Hey everyone,

My name is Arshia, a second-year student pursuing a Specialized Honours BA in International Studies at Glendon, York University’s bilingual campus. Welcome to my blog, A Tale of Two Campuses, where I hope to share my experiences of what it is like to live at York’s Keele campus while being a Glendon student, where the majority of my classes this year are taking place.

I applied to International Studies at Glendon for two main reasons.

Reason #1:
I have always enjoyed learning French, and Glendon offers students the unique opportunity to take classes in both English and French so that every student will graduate from Glendon with a bilingual degree. This is a huge benefit, as fluency in French opens up tons of job opportunities, in Canada and many other countries around the world.

Reason #2:
I wanted to go to university to gain a better understanding of governments, law and business, which is exactly what I get with my program. It’s very similar to International Development or International Relations, but since it’s a multidisciplinary field, you’re learning a bit of everything from many different disciplines. For example, all International Studies majors must take Global Geography (a core course of the program), but since I’m specializing in International Studies, I’m also required to take a few Economics courses. I’m excited to see where my degree takes me. In the future, I hope to become an immigration lawyer or a foreign service officer.

My experiences as a York U student
Glendon is an absolutely beautiful campus, with lush trees surrounding the sunlight-filled Centre of Excellence, Glendon Manor and quaint residence buildings. I love the small classes, so that I can feel more comfortable not just asking questions in tutorials, but also often in lectures. Heading down to Glendon could not be more simple with the free shuttle York provides for all York students, which I take regularly. It’s great to be a part of the small and welcoming community of Glendon and still be able to take some of the thousands of courses offered at Keele. This year, I’m taking International Migration at Keele so that I can eventually obtain a certificate in Refugee & Migration Studies.

Living in residence at the Keele campus definitely has its benefits, with the excellent bus service that can take you to anywhere you need to go in Toronto, and the wide variety of food options all over campus (yum!). So, I can definitely say that I have the best of both worlds: the large, lively atmosphere of Keele and the cozy environment of Glendon.

Follow my blog to learn about York U campus life, academic programs and more from the viewpoint of a proud Glendonite! I would love to hear your thoughts about York University and answer any questions you may have. In addition to my blog, you can check out the Glendon eAmbassador Blogs, where you read about the experiences of other Glendon students who blog exclusively about the bilingual campus.

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Arshia is a third-year international studies major at Glendon College. She no longer blogs regularly for the YU Blog but may post on occasion as a guest-blogger.

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