Influential Leaders at York U (ILYU) – Jennifer Black

Posted by Megan on December 9, 2014

Journey to the Centre of York

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Introducing Influential Leaders at York U (ILYU), a new weekly series inspired by Humans of New York. Each week I’ll profile a new inspirational student leader on campus. You’ll read about student life, getting involved, succeeding in class, enjoying York to the fullest and finding the leader within. For our first week, meet York Lion Jennifer Black:

An image of Jennifer Black.
York Lion Jennifer Black – fifth-year starter and captain with the women’s volleyball team; academic all-Canadian; PAWS mentor; volunteer.

Accomplished York Lion Jennifer Black answers the question, “How does York support your success?”

For Miss Black, it comes down to three factors: opportunities, resources, and environment.

On Opportunities

“Being a part of the York varsity women’s volleyball team, [both as a player] and team captain, has given me a chance to establish many relationships with other athletes and coaches, as well as York community members and administration. It has [also] provided an avenue for me to express myself through sport and [to] demonstrate my skills and passion as more than just a teammate, but also [as] a leader and team captain.

On Resources

“York has provided me access to the support of [the] incredible Sport York Administration, coaching staff, athletics therapists, sport psychologists, and strength coaches to help me through successes as an athlete. [York] encourage[s], teach[es], and push[es] me to become a stronger person both mentally and physically. I have been fortunate enough to have been given access to and take part in some of the incredible resources York has to offer such as the PAWS Mentorship program, time-management workshops, tutoring and writing services.”

On the Environment

“The best part about being a York Lion is the welcoming and encouraging environment York has provided for me. My teammates, coaches, staff, professors, and administration have given me a supportive and exciting atmosphere I get to be a part of every day. [With the] sense of a second family they have provided for me and the overwhelming support and kindness, I feel as though I can push myself to my fullest potential here. The support is second to none.”


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