York is the Ultimate Destination for Mature Students

Posted by Megan on December 4, 2014

Journey to the Centre of York

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Why is York the ultimate destination for mature students? I sat down with Sunera Ali, a current mature student to find out more.

An image of Sunera wearing a YU pin.
Sunera rocking her YU pin.

“Why did you choose York?”

As a mature student, I was looking for flexibility with scheduling and a school that would give me the option to fast track. York was also one of the few schools offering my program, Work and Labour Studies. Once I came here for a tour, I fell in love with the school. The close proximity of buildings and the close knit community won me over. The rest is history. I have been fast tracking my degree and I’m set to graduate next year. It took me 2.5 years as per my planning.

“How has York supported you as a mature student?”

After being a part of the York community for almost two years, I forget that I’m even a mature student. The inclusivity and the diverse student body here can make anyone feel like they are at home. I have met a lot of students who come from the same path of life as me. These students were working and took a leave of absence to complete their degrees. I have met mature students at my campus jobs and in classes. I have checked out the Atkinson Centre for Mature and Part-time Students (ACMAPS) and they offer some great resources such as an adviser for mature students. I visit the Career Centre often too. It was the first resource I used on campus to help me navigate campus employment. The counsellor at the Career Centre has also arranged an appointment for me to meet with a professional in the field I am interested in pursuing.

“Which services or resources at York have been most valuable to your success as a student?”

[The] Writing Centre and SPARK are two things that I use on a regular basis for academic purposes. I also attend exam preparation workshops. Volunteering as a Student Ambassador and Tour guide was super useful. It helped me learn the campus  inside out.

“Where have you worked on campus?”

Campus employment has been a very valuable experience for me. Being a Blogger and Social Media Assistant with the Office of Admissions, Recruitment and Marketing has opened up many doors for me. Through this experience I got to know the valuable resources and operations of the university quite well. I also launched a personal blog and have been offered freelance writing position from several magazines. That is certainly very rewarding! Being involved on campus is the best thing you can do whether it is through jobs or volunteering. You never know when a great opportunity may come knocking!

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