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Posted by Megan on September 18, 2014

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In a recent article, futurist Trevor Haldenby teamed up with Future Shop to brainstorm the top five career prospects in 2020 including: Foodologist, Personal transmedia consultant, Star subscription teacher, Virtual tour guide and Corporate game masters. Haldenby also offered some great insight

The career choices from the year 2020 (and beyond) amplify and explore trends already at play in the world of 2014. They invite us to think about how important it is for today’s students and recent graduates to develop skills around digital design, storytelling and media literacy in a rapidly changing landscape. They also highlight how even in a world of enormous change, some things will always remain the same – people will remain hungry to learn and explore, and technology will continue to play an even greater role.

I think it’s always a great move for prospective students to not only think about what they want to do, but also to imagine what careers might be in the future. The easiest way to do this is by following business and career related news such as Business Insider, Forbes and Time. There are certainly jobs that exist now that didn’t even exist 20 years ago. Thankfully York offers degree programs for all of these exciting new potential careers. Read on to find out more!


The foodologist is a hybrid of a biologist, psychologist, farmer and chef. In 2020, humans will be looking for new, sustainable food options. This future job will combine science and art – whether it is finding flavourful new recipes for crickets and termites or mixing lab-created filet mignon. Foodologists can expect to find work in restaurants, self-driving food trucks, and green belts across Canada.

An image of a hot dog... from the future... (just kidding, it's a regular hot dog).
I wonder what hotdogs of the future might taste like? (lol I clearly ask the important questions) Image Source.

I personally can think of two degrees that would be great for this career – Biology and Chemistry as they can provide the perfect science background. Taking electives will fine tune your degree to meet the needs of this career and in this case many kinesiology (KINE) courses that focus on nutrition would be a great benefit, perhaps enough to even justify a minor!

Personal transmedia consultant

One part digital bodyguard and one part personal PR agent, these consultants will manage the increasingly exciting and dizzying array of social networks and big data. They make sure their clients’ accounts have the sizzle of a spy movie, without the risk. Personal transmedia consultants can find work in cities like TorontoVancouver and Montreal, managing the social profiles for the trendiest youth – even hosting mixers and parties to boost their social influence.

Well we are definitely in the right city for this future career! I definitely recommend taking Communication Studies which offers useful streams (not limited to) media and culture & society. Even something like a certificate in Marketing (while you do your degree of course) could give you that added edge over competitors. You can even keep an eye on Career Postings as a York student as there are work study positions on campus that relate to social media and will help you gain a ton of great experience.

Star subscription teacher

For a monthly subscription fee, students young and old can access live and recorded lectures from their favourite educators, including virtual hangouts and conversations. Star subscription teachers can be located anywhere on the planet.”

A photograph of Laci Green.
YouTube educator Laci Green. Image Source.

What’s amazing about this future career is that you can pretty much study anything and as long as you have that passion and familiarity with social media, you could find a lot of success. Look how far some of the top YouTube educators have come, like Laci Green. I do recommend considering adding a Bachelor of Education to your degree of choice, whether concurrently or consecutively as York has a very competitive program and it will help foster teaching and learning skills to maximize your potential. You might even consider taking some communication electives (COMN)!

Virtual tour guide

VT – or Virtual Tourism – will draw tourists from far and wide for an unforgettable experience. By booking an exploration with a virtual tour guide, city slickers and adventure travellers alike could receive a personalized tour of a remote part of the planet courtesy of an eco-friendly drone or robot. Customers will be able to take and share their memorable moments in real time on social media. For an additional fee, customers can have exclusive access to a landscape for up to one year”

This is also a neat future career! I personally think a degree such as Digital Media could go a long way in qualifying our next generation of students. York’s Digital Media also allows the option of affiliation with the School of the Arts, Media, Performance & Design OR with Lassonde School of Engineering which allows you the opportunity to really tailor this degree to your interests. You might also find a double major or minor in Geography to be helpful as it covers a lot of topics related to this up-and-coming field.

Corporate Game Masters

“A creatively engaged workplace is a high-performance workplace. The corporate game master will make work fun by injecting elements of gaming, reward, and playful recognition. By studying how to play games in the arcade and how to design them, they will integrate these exciting elements into our everyday workplace realities. In 2020, they will find work across the country, often in small and medium-sized enterprises.”

A bunch of safety signs.
If they could game-ify WHMIS training which is important, albeit boring, that would be an awesome start alone! Image Source.

This is such a neat career concept, especially in this day and age and I could totally see how this could happen. I do think Digital Media could also be a useful program for here but I would also recommend a major or minor in Psychology as reward and ‘playful recognition’ is definitely addressed from the ground up. York’s Psychology program also boasts the largest department in Canada and a diverse offering of courses either as a BA or BSc. Another option would be our Human Resources Management program which tackles this career more from the business side.

Which future careers are you most interested in? Don’t forget to ask any related questions when you are visiting OUF this weekend. For more information on the Ontario Universities Fair, check out my last article Getting the Most out of the Ontario Universities Fair.



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