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Posted by Megan on August 26, 2014

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In my last article I highlighted Health Ed as one of the Top 10 Resources on Campus. Because Orientation is only a week away I thought I would focus this weeks post on Health Ed and what they really do.

What is Health Ed?

The I heart YU logo for Health Ed
The Health Ed logo

Health Ed is a multifaceted program. There are two professionals, Leah State – a Health Educator, and Danielle Stein – the Peer Health Education Coordinator.

The Health Ed that you will come to know (and hopefully love) are the amazing Peer Teams! These teams are volunteer based with a paid team lead who works with Danielle to get all the amazing programs to the York community.

What teams are there?

Active Living

The logo for Active Living Challenge

The Active Living team is composed of 9 amazing individuals who work to promote regular physical activity as a means to overall wellness as a university student. They run such initiatives as the Active Living Challenge, Stairway to Health, Body Breaks, and interactive games.

Alcohol and Other Drugs

A picture of some tasty mocktails.
These mocktails look delicious.

This team has 7 great members who educate students about a variety of topics such as alcohol serving sizes, the effects of alcohol, and the use of marijuana through weekly walkabouts, tabling events, and informative presentations in Vari Hall. They even serve Mocktails, yum!


The Glendon team is made up of three representatives who bridge with the Keele teams to share all the great programs, games and events to our bilingual campus, Glendon.

Health Ed in Residence

An image of a Good Food Box.
One of the Good Food Boxes that was put together by volunteers and distributed by Foodshare across the GTA.

As you can imagine, this team has one representative per residence – 8 in total (Glendon’s count as one). They live in residence and carry out a variety of tasks including:

“Regular programming, promotion, and participation in health related activities in their residence community. [Acting] as a liaison between their residence and Health Education’s Health Topic Teams, seek[ing] out partnership opportunities with existing activities and events, support[ing] ongoing programs within their residence (e.g. Good Food Box) and regularly attend[ing] residence and college council meetings.The Health Ed in Residence works with dons, students and residence life staff to put on programs that fit student’s needs[.]”

Leave the Pack Behind

The logo for Leave the Pack Behind

Leave the Pack Behind is a government funded program which is run by 6 great team members on our campus. They work to promote smoking cessation by engaging students with contests and interactive games.

Mental Health and Stress

This team has 6 super awesome individuals who all work towards raising awareness, providing education, and helping students de-stress. Like the other Health Ed teams we will have fun activities and lots of useful information to share to help de-stigmatize mental illnesses which are very common in university students.


5 great members make up the Nutrition team, all of which work together to offer great campaigns, presentations, games, and amazing healthy recipes, even for students on a budget!

Sexual Health

An image of peer s.h.o.p.
Welcome to Peer S.H.O.P. a “sexual health outreach program that provides a safe, positive, and confidential space for students to drop in and ask any questions”. They also have a collection of books and movies and you can order sex toys from them with a 20% discount.

The Sexual Health Team is composed of 8 representatives who aim to provide sexual health education through blogs, games, presentations and even workshops. They cover such topics as sexuality, contraceptives, healthy relationships, safer partying, sexually transmitted infections, and sexual pleasure.

What else does Health Ed Offer?

Health Ed offers a number of free programs which are described in detail on their website. There is also a quick and easy button to request the many games, workshops, and interactive activities – completely free!

Health Ed also shares some of their most popular mocktails, and runs two great programs; Peer S.H.O.P. and Running Relief.

How can I get in touch with Health Ed?

There are a couple different ways to get in touch/participate.

They have an Events Calendar which you can bookmark to see when they are running programs.

You will also often see a team working in Vari Hall, working at the back of the REDZone table.

You can also stop by in person to SCLD, 172 South Ross Building, or call 416 736 5196 to speak to a health educator. You can also use the confidential email to ask any health questions you might have and they should answer within 24-48 hours.

Social Media

Health Ed is all over social media!




Peer S.H.O.P.




HealthEd @ York



Have any questions about Health Ed? Comment below!



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