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Posted by Megan on August 21, 2014

Journey to the Centre of York

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In no particular order…

#1 Us!

Our YUBlog
Here it is!

Want to keep up with campus events, learn about more resources on campus, see some beautiful York photography and more? Check out our blog at yorku.ca/yublog every Monday-Thursday (and sometimes Friday)! If you aren’t sure what to expect check out our archive by going to our front page and using the browse button located in the top right corner. You can also tweet us questions @YorkUstudents.

#2 Learning Skills Services Workshops

Slide from Study Secrets

Adjusting to university is no easy feat. One thing that students tend to notice is that their study skills just aren’t up to par. One of the easiest ways to remedy this is by attending free workshops with LSS. You can even get a certificate if you attend 8 or more! Topics include: Academic Anxiety & Stress Management, Critical Thinking, Exam Prep, Learning Style, Math&Science Problem Solving Skills, Memory, Presentation Skills, Reading and Note-taking, Starting off Strong (1st years only), Study Secrets, Time Management, and Writing Tips.

#3 Health Ed

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Health Ed is another amazing free resource run by two professional health educators who lead teams of student volunteers. The teams include: Active Leaving, Alcohol and Other Drugs, Glendon, Health Ed in Residence, Leave the Pack Behind, Mental Health and Stress, Nutrition, and Sexual Health. You can find the teams in Vari Hall on various days running an assortment of fun and informative activities. Health Ed also runs Peer S.H.O.P, a space and confidential place to ask questions about sexual health, pick up free condoms, and even order sex toys with a 20% discount. You can also send questions to their Tumblr. A final initiative that they run is Running Relief, a free structured running program for students that helps to relieve stress and work towards a 5km race at the end of the school year. They even have a Facebook page!

#4 RED Zone

Two REDZone ambassadors. It reads

RED Zone is an amazing team of student ambassadors who have  a well rounded knowledge of York. They are located in the center of Vari Hall and are available from 10-4 pm. You can go and chat or ask them any questions you have and they can even direct you to a building you are trying to find. They are located all across Social Media so make sure you check out their home page and follow all their accounts. They will share great blogs, photography, opportunities, campus events, and more!


RED Zone and Health ED team members playing a game with students in Vari. It reads

Student Community & Leadership Development, otherwise known as SCLD is a GREAT resource on campus. They feature amazing student related blogs and a number of different programs such as Orientation, Residence Life, York is U, Student Clubs, RED Zone, Health Ed, Student Leadership, the Family & Parent Program, and Elections York. They are one of the best teams to get involved with and volunteering with them can often lead to great campus employment. If you want to have a strong resume and LinkedIn profile, you know where to start 🙂

#6 Academic Advising

a GIF of Sheldon Cooper reads
Don’t worry you’ll have tons of time for extracurriculars and still can be a strong student 🙂

Degree requirements can be tricky to understand in your first couple years of university and even after that it’s not so difficult to lost or make a mistake. Because of this it’s important to visit when you can with advising to make sure that your degree progress is on track. They can go over topics such as:

*understanding Faculty legislation and policies
*program and degree requirements
*degree options: major, minor, certificates
*understanding your grade report and academic standing
*the petition process
*Peer Mentoring and study groups
*information and referrals to academic and campus services and resources

All of the faculties advising information is available on one easy page.

#7 CDS

a GIF of Russell Brand saying
Well it’s not quite like this, but you get the idea.

York also offers a number of other important and free resources. One of the most helpful in my opinion is personal counselling services which offers individual, couple, and group counselling services. Keep in mind that there is often a small waiting period before counselling begins so if you think you would like to use this service I recommend signing up soon by visiting them on the first floor of Bennett Center. They also have crisis intervention and on the spot distress counselling so if you need to walk in and talk to someone, you can. They also have workshops and mini series such as: Disordered Eating/Body Image, Grief & Loss, and Queer Counselling.

Also available is Disability Services which covers LDS (Learning Disability Services), Mental Health Disability Services (MHDS), and Physical, Sensory, & Medical Disability Services (PSMD) all of which offer a great variety of support including access to resources, academic accommodations (such as assistive technology, longer exam times, etc.), and even in some cases additional funding. Please note that you do have to have a diagnosis from a health professional and will be required to provide a completed form to register.


An image of the SPARK program.
This is what SPARK looks like!

SPARK is a great new online resource that York offers that will guide you through writing a successful academic paper. It features videos and tips and covers topics such as: Understanding the Assignment, Time Management, Academic Integrity, Choosing a Topic, Books Journal & More,  Gathering & Noting Ideas, Research Strategies, Effective Reading Strategies, Essay Structure, Creating Bibliographies, Writing Strategies, Revising your Arguments, and Essay Editing. If you need further writing assistance you can also visit York’s Writing Centre or the Learning Commons to be helped by a professional.

#9 Career Centre

An image of the Career Centre.

The Career Centre is one of York’s best resources in my opinion. Not only do they have online job postings for current students and alumni but they also offer a great Students page which features more free resources such as workshops, individual advising, and access to a number of other career related online resources such as Career Cruising. They also run great events such as the Career and Volunteer Fairs.

#10 YU Connect

A screenshot of YU Connect.
This is where you can find all the organizations! There are hundreds of clubs and associations to join 🙂

One of the best things you can do as a university student is get involved. Not only is it fun but it will also help you gain experience, build your resume, relieve your stress, manage your mental health, build friendships and more. YU Connect is the best resource available as it features all of the available clubs and associations on campus. You can join an interest related group such as Ministry of Magic or Martial Arts Club. You can also join associations related to your program or faculty. You can even join volunteer or professional groups! Each organization lists their contact info, including social media, and has a mini profile and side links for news, current members, and more.

Which resources do you think you will be using this coming year? Comment below!



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