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Posted by Megan on August 19, 2014

Journey to the Centre of York

Move in day is just a couple weeks away on September 1st. Many of you have probably already started packing so here is a handy list to make sure you’ll have everything you need for the year ahead.

In no particular order…

Things You Need

Out of these four, shower shoes tend to be the most forgotten item. Good alternatives to the ones shown are plain flip flops or even Crocs.
Tip: Stick with a high efficiency detergent to get more for your money. Also clothing hangers can often be found for cheaper and in bulk online!
Linens are important but I think a good alarm clock might be even more important. Most of our phones now have alarms on them, however I find alarm clocks can be more effective especially if placed just outside of arms reach. Don’t want to start the year by sleeping in when you have class!
Try to make sure that you get a power bar with surge protecting, just in case. Headphones are also a great idea – they can help you focus more on your work or even just to filter outside noise so you can relax.
Don’t forget any of your ID cards including, most importantly, your health card. I also recommend thinking about how you will take care of your prescriptions – you might want to get your pharmacy to fax them to the one on campus for easier access.
A small TV is a great idea, you can even get a cord to plug your laptop in so you can stream shows and movies onto your tv! Movie night anyone? A small speaker could also be fun but don’t forget to bring your school supplies! Anything you forgot you can by on campus in the Bookstore or general store on campus.
For those of you that are living in suites – don’t forget to bring kitchen accessories such as pots, pans, utensils, and so on. Chat with your suite mates before hand to coordinate who is bringing what.


Things You’ll Regret Not Bringing

Over the door hooks can be a life saver. You can get regular ones for coats or towels but there are other useful ones that can store your shoes or even clothing. On that note under the bed storage, no higher than 12″ tall can store any seasonal clothing. Lastly, ear buds are a must have. They can be weird to adjust to but I’ve found that it can make it a lot easier to fall asleep, especially in a residence setting.
Make sure you don’t forget any of your important York paperwork including your acceptance package. You might not look at it through the year but if you forget a procedure or aren’t sure where to locate a resource, you can turn to your paperwork for more information.
First year university is when I fell in love with fans. I kept one near my bed and not only did it provide white-noise making it easier for me to fall asleep, it also reduced outside noise and helped to keep the room cool. Bar fridges are another great idea. You can share with roommate and just divvy up the shelves for snacks and some beverages – even breakfast food.
Don’t forget to bring a couple plates, bowls, cups, and utensils – enough for you and a friend. Sometimes I would come back to residence after a holiday with leftover dessert and it was nice to be able to have the option to share. Another thing that you will enjoy is bringing something comforting from home. A simple blanket is probably the easiest but little knick knacks or even pictures to put on a shelf are great ideas. Lastly, no residence room would be complete without a few posters. I had a poster for Muse, Inception, and The Illusionist in my room.
An umbrella for those rainy days. A first aid kit including travel sizes of any popular medications such as tylenol, advil, gravol, etc. in case you get sick. I got a horrible flu in first year and my partner had to drive from another city to bring me medicine and comforting things because I could barely move. Be prepared! Whiteboards and bulletins are also super fun to have. They have great whiteboard calendars that can make it easy to track deadlines and campus events. Lastly, for suite style residences – a crockpot is a MUST. You can make some of the most delicious, cheapest, and filling food in a crockpot and it’s so easy. You can even take turns preparing meals with your suitemates!
Having a printer in your room is a great convenience but beyond that a great desk lamp can go a long way especially if your roommate is trying to sleep and you still have work to do.
Don’t forget to bring some of your favourite snacks – healthy AND comfort.


Things to Leave at Home

Don’t bring any of the following to res – subwoofers, large furniture items such as couches, microwaves, and lastly… pets.

Are you ready for residence? What things did you forget? Comment below!




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