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Posted by Sunera on August 13, 2014

On-board to York

We all have our concerns when starting a new journey in life. With any new journey come a lot of questions. After high-school graduation, when I started applying for universities I did not understand how the credit system worked and actually thought that each course was one credit, so how in the world will was I to obtain 120 credits in four years? It made no sense at all…but it is very common to have these questions and anxieties. Well here is some advice from our experiences to you. I chatted with current and future students attending York U and have compiled a list of questions. Here are some top concerns I came across and tried to address them for you all regarding university/campus life.

Am I smart enough?

Untitled Of course you are, or you wouldn’t be here or taking this step in the first place. After being accepted to York U. Academic success takes four things; discipline, organization, time-management and taking the time to connect with your professors.

  • Peer tutoring: Free peer tutoring is available in the Bethune College Study Hall and Life Sciences Learning Common. Peer Tutors are volunteer undergraduate students who have achieved excellence in courses that they are tutoring. Peer tutors can help you learn the course concepts in Math biology, chemistry and other subjects.
  • Writing Support:  For all your writing concerns visit the writing centre.  I love the writing centre. You can take advantage of the online tutor option where you can submit a paper and the tutor will return your paper with remarks and constructive feedback. You can book one online 50 minute session weekly one-on-one with a writing instructor. You can choose to work with a writing instructor one-on-one throughout the year or as often as you need it.  Writing centre also provides group classes for students such during the fall/winter term.
  • Courses: You can also take writing courses and get credits for them while improving your writing. You can find the list of courses by visiting this link.
  • Other resources: Professors and TA’s Office hours, SPARK, learning commons and chat with a librarian option.

When I will meet my close group of friends?friends

There are many ways to meet great people at York U.

  • Through clubs: With over 300 clubs to join, you have many options to join an organization that you will enjoy and meet like-minded individuals. You can join more than one club.
  • Your roommates: Your roommates because you spend more time with than anyone else. You roommate really becomes your family at school. It’s always a possibility to connect with other people in your residence through mutual friends.
  • Commute: Commuter students can also meet likeminded students on their commute. When you see the same individuals at the bus-stop daily and often classmates take the same bus—then there is a strong chance of building friendships.
  • Online: With the rise of social media come many opportunities to meet like-minded individuals whether it is though blogging, social media, or other such forums.
  • Classmates: Of course the biggest chance of meeting a new close friend is through people in the same classes.

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What safety tips do I need to know?

  • “Lock it or lose it” is the best advice I can give you. Lock your personal property, including the laptop in your room. Don’t ask your neighbour in the library to watch your stuff unless you trust the individual.
  • Browse the security services web page.
  • Programming campus security’s number into your cell is a great idea.
  • Download the safety app.
  • Walk with a classmate or in groups: Pair up with someone whose destination is the same yours whether you are a commuter, living on residence or in the village.
  • Go Safe: Store the number in your cellphone. And, if you need to get across campus and none of your friends are walking the same way as you. It is better to call them.
  • Shuttle: Make use of the village shuttle if you plan to reside in the village.
  • Always get your own drinks: Putting your drink down in a social setting is a bad idea. If you do, get yourself a new drink.
  • Enjoy responsibly: One friend from your party group should take turns not drinking and watch out for the rest of the group.

What different social events can I expect at York U?party

  • O-Week: This year runs from September 1 to September 7. Be sure to be the part of the fun where most people often meet their closest friends in university. There are many cools events students can enjoy at Orientation Week.
  • YFest: Another chance for you to get involved and meet awesome people. York Fest is a York U tradition which usually takes place in the first week of classes. To find out more about YFest follow this link.
  • Organize events with your residence buddies: Such as movie nights, board games and clubbing nights. You arrange a movie/board game night in one room and guests can bring snacks. You can also organize clubbing nights with your buddies. A bus ride from York U to Downtown Toronto is about half an hour.
  • Pub nights: Besides all the great fun on campus, there are many pub nights organized on the Keele campus thought out the year.
  • College events: Your colleges host many awesome events such as lunch with the master, coffee talks, trips and many other cool events leaving you plenty of options to connect with great individuals and also have a good time.

Hope you found this post helpful. If you have any further questions, suggestions, or just want to chat then drop us a line below!



Sunera graduated from York University in May, 2016 with an Honours BA in Work and Labour Studies.

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