Attending O-Week is Your ONLY Option and Here’s Why

Posted by Megan on August 12, 2014

Journey to the Centre of York

It’s right about now when a lot of students decide for sure whether they are going to attend 0-week. I’m here to tell you to GO! Why?

  • O-week makes you feel more comfortable on campus
  • You have a better idea of where the various buildings are and what lies in each
  • You will become more connected with your college
  • You will network and maybe even form friendships with upper year students which is always a good thing 🙂
  • Your sense of school pride and excitement for your time in university will jump way up
  • You will have a TON of fun
  • You will get to start off your year by forming a bunch of great memories
  • You will likely make your first friendships, some of which might stay with you for a long time to come
  • You will obtain a bunch of great York swag
  • You will have the opportunity to sign up to be a frosh boss for next years frosh which is a great way to get experience on campus and could lead to a council position or campus employment depending on your interests.

And there are so many other reasons I could include but I’m going to cap it there for now.

I realize there are also some concerns about O-week and if the reasons above weren’t enough to sway you, I have offered some further reasoning to the most common concerns below.

#1 I’m just too shy/socially anxious/awkward

A GIF of Patrick Star laughing awkwardly.
I’m pretty sure this is how I felt I looked and was laughing until my anxiety wore off haha

Trust me, so are a bunch of others! I’m actually diagnosed with social anxiety and am definitely an introvert but I was able to scrounge up the courage to go to frosh. The main difference is that I tailored it to my comfort levels which means that when I started to feel burnt out, I went home (I live just outside of the Village) and recharged. I went to as many events as I could but I also prioritized and missed ones I wasn’t interested in or felt I wouldn’t be as comfortable at.

For example I don’t feel that comfortable in crowds and don’t really like watching sports so I skipped the Jays game but opted for the Wasaga trip because the weather was beautiful and my boyfriend said we could drive up on our own and leave whenever we want. I also attempted to go to two of the parties (which are dry) and stayed for a little bit before leaving. Many of the night parties actually have alternate events such as a board game night or cards which could be a better option for an introvert who wants to network but in a quieter environment. 

For the most part I went to the games type events like icebreakers, a scavenger hunt, a fair, etc. And whether you live near the school or not you can chat with your frosh bosses to make arrangements before frosh even starts. You can arrange to have a quiet place to go, you can arrange to go back to your home, etc. There are tons of options.

#2 I just don’t know if I want to spend money on that/I can’t afford it

A GIF of a student in a classroom wearing new motorcycle gear and a helmet that reads
At least it was on something that was worth it!

I know university is already quite expensive, but remember, it is an investment and so is frosh. The price is actually amazing considering all the events, free food, and York swag that you get. All the great memories and connections you will make are a priceless bonus to that. Adjusting to the new social situation is a cause of stress for a lot of incoming students and attending frosh almost guarantees that that stress won’t be there because you will be so widely networked at the end that you’ll have a good social support to fall back on when you need it.

You could also consider asking your parents or other relatives to fund your frosh, just make sure you explain that there are legitimate benefits to attending (see above). If you really can’t go, that’s okay too. YFS, our student federation, actually hosts a similar concept called YorkFest which begins after classes have started and is largely made up of free or heavily subsidized events such as sports game, free meals, shisha garden, poker night, festival village, a free concert, and more.

Yorkfest is NOT a replacement for frosh, however you can still have a lot of fun and make some connections if you go. In the case where you can’t go to frosh but are willing to go to Yorkfest events I recommend getting in touch with your college frosh bosses anyways as they might be able to connect you with other students going to events 🙂

#3 I really want to go but my parents think it’s a waste of money/don’t want me going/etc.

A GIF reads
That’s right!

I would definitely recommend showing your parents this page. The money part has been explained in the post above but for safety I can tell you now that:

  • Frosh is a dry event and students caught under the influence will have their wrist bands snipped and won’t be allowed to participate in any of the remaining events.
  • Security (including officers) are active and are at all nighttime events and will be checking that students are in fact sober and will be removing them if they are not.
  • Services such as GoSAFE are active so that if you do separate from your college frosh, you can call and get escorted back to your college or another event if you want.
  • Free commuter rooms are made available for students who want to stay over during the week. These rooms are co-ed however upper year students are constantly checking and there haven’t been any issues. Some colleges even offer a quiet and loud room depending on your preferences. For more info on the commuter rooms please contact your college.
  • The benefits of attending O-week have been proven in research – building that network of social support can make a huge difference in your transition and how successful you are first year.

If you have any other questions or concerns about frosh please comment below and I will do my best to answer or direct you to the right resource.



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