5 Ways to Calm Pre-University Anxiety!

Posted by Sunera on August 6, 2014

On-board to York

1. Use social media to connect with other studentsUntitled design (4)

Many students have started doing this already. I think it is a great idea to connect with your fellow students who will soon be starting school with you. Had I known about how big the YorkU social media community was I would have definitely taken advantage of this opportunity.

For those of you who are part of the YU Start are mostly in phase two which is all about making connections, learning about the Keele-Campus, joining discussions and much more.

For those students who are not part of the YU Start. Do not worry; there are many great groups on Facebook where you can connect with other students.

Accepted – York University, Class of 2018

York U Life (A student-run *unofficial* York University blog where students share their experiences, advice, and resources.) 

There are program specific groups:

Accepted – York University Music, Class of 2018

ACCEPTED- York University Class of 2018 English Program Students

York University Kinesiology Class of 2018

York University – Theatre Class of 2018

And more…so browse around!

2. Talk to current university students  exchange-of-ideas-222786_640

Many current YorkU students are in these Facebook groups helping future students because we have all been in your shoes. It is a great feeling to be able to give back to our future students’ community the same type of help we all received as new students.  Countless students used to help me with directions when they noticed that I was lost or when they detected that I was facing a dilemma.

Many students are planning to attend tours together; great idea! Whether you are coming for a tour solo or with friends; connect with the tour guides. Ask them questions as they are all current YorkU students who can answer pretty much anything about campus life. On tours, students have often requested to connect with a current student in their program, and if we know of a friend then we are more than happy to connect both students.

3. Transform anxiety into positive energy by planning your first yearStrategic-Planning-Cycle 

Start packing the important things that you will be bringing to residence. Keep an eye out for sales on school supplies and necessities for your room (if you are living away from home).  Devise a smart-packing plan because the average room is 110 square feet—so, do not over pack.

If you have completed your first year time table, then plan some activities in your spare time happening on campus or events hosted by your colleges. If you love to work-out then squeeze that into your routine.

Plan your route. Are you driving, commuting via public transit, or both? Find out the costs and where to obtain parking permits, metro/paypass from.

4. Make a list of goalsimages

When are you visiting the campus for your YU-card? If you have an advising appointment, then tackle both things on the same day if you can.

Explore other things that interest you and see how you can get involved on campus. Browse the different organizations, checkout volunteering opportunities and employment opportunities on campus.  (I find that the best time to apply for campus employment is at the end of August and beginning of January.)

Discover things that you and your friends can enjoy around campus. There are many great events in Toronto. And, it only takes about a half hour to get to Downtown Toronto from the Keele campus.

Attend frosh week because this is the best way to make friends and connections on campus, and get comfortable with the school.

5. Learn the skills of living away from homesheikh_tuhin_Packing_and_Moving

This is also a great opportunity to bond with your parents, friends and family members. Ask your parents for any suggestions regarding smart-budgeting, ask questions about finance, credit cards, how to locate sales, and collect coupons.

Learn the simple housekeeping tasks such laundry, folding, and ironing. Ironing is a task that certainly needs to be mastered—like how to iron creases into pants correctly??!?? Because, wrinkled clothes just do not look appropriate at a semi-formal.

Learn how to cook and ask your parents for help with a simple recipe or get-together with friends and bake.  You can also check out one of my previous articles on things that room-mates can share.

What are some of your strategies for dealing with pre-university anxiety…comment below to share your tips!

Till next time!




Sunera graduated from York University in May, 2016 with an Honours BA in Work and Labour Studies.

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