Your CCR Explained And Why It Matters

Posted by Sunera on August 4, 2014

On-board to York

There is a lot to university than just academics. University can be a busy time, no doubt! But it is equally important to get involved to embrace your surroundings.  Getting involved can be as easy as click of a button. Yes, it is that simple…introducing YUConnect.


  • Join clubs
  • Add membership
  • Get the latest scoop on events that are happening on campus
  • Gain Volunteer Experience

Who can join? Any undergraduate and graduate student with a yorku e-mail set-up.

Organization: First label is the organization to sift through all the different clubs at YorkU.

Events: Second label is the events to inform students of different events happening on campus.

Campus Links: Third label is the campus links to guide students to the important resources on campus such as Career Centre, Student Community & Leadership Development, Sports and Recreation, York’s Colleges, and much more.

But how do you demonstrate your involvement…enters CCR.


You can get access to your CCR from the My Involvement tab.

Your Co-Curricular Record is a history of your involvement on campus. This record contains your club memberships, the time period of your involvement, approved hours and a personal reflection to demonstrate your learning experience.

We have the freedom to edit our CCR the way we want to and rearrange the layout the way we like it. CCR also demonstrates certificates that are achieved through attending trainings. You also have the flexibility of what memberships and certificates you want displayed on your CCR.

Best of all, Career Centre can help you integrate your campus involvement listed on your CCR into your résumé, cover letter, interview preparation, and graduate school applications. Career Centre also has workshops and individual appointments where they can help you write an effective reflection for your CCR.

You can find more information on the CCR here.

CCR is a great document to showcase your campus involvement and skills acquired along the way. If you had any questions on how your involvement can be recognized. I hope that you found this blog helpful. Welcome to York, and I hope you all enjoy getting involved on campus as much as I do and make it a part of your CCR as well!



Sunera graduated from York University in May, 2016 with an Honours BA in Work and Labour Studies.

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