12 types of students you are bound to meet at York University

Posted by Sunera on July 30, 2014

On-board to York

Joining us at York U? Nervous about the kind of students you will meet? Here are definitely the 12 type of students you are bound to meet at York University!

1. The Texter

Can be found everywhere on campus and will at least at some point during your years at York U will bump in to you, especially in the narrow hallway connecting Vari Hall and the Ross Building.

Friends: Definitely, at the end we are all texters and have probably been the person who bumped in to you! 😉

The Texter

2. The Commuter

Can be found at the bus-loop usually chasing buses. Commuters can be spotted waiting at the Go Transit, YRT, Zum or the TTC stops.

Friends: Definitely, commuter students make awesome friends. Having a friend at the bus stop makes the commute a breeze.  There is a chance of finding a new study-buddy, a book-exchange/sharing buddy, someone to hang out with or get feedback on a course they are taking.


3. The Activist

This is a very passionate individual who cares about social justice. This student is involved in the community, volunteers their time, and can be an out-spoken individual.

Friends: Can be very good friends who can aid you in acquiring knowledge of the latest political and social issues, or if you have similar interests. Be careful though, about getting over involved and not having enough time left for studies.

The Activist

4. The Smart One

Some students naturally excel at certain subjects. If Science and Mathematics or any subject is not your strength and you spot this individual in the room who sounds as if they can be the professor, then this is your cue to be friends with this person. How to spot this individual: Is very passionate about the subject, always has their readings done, always participates and even gets in to debates with professors.

Friends: Definitely, but make sure you bring to the table as much this individual is contributing. It is okay to ask for help but it is another thing never to have your homework or readings done and relying on this individual to bail you out.

the smart one

5. The Athlete

This individual can always be spotted in the Tait McKenzie Centre working out, or practicing for their next big game. Can often be seen outdoors in the summer time enjoying a good game with their athletic buddies. Usually stays at York U for 5-6 years to complete their undergraduate degree due to their athletic involvement.

Friends: Definitely, if you share the same interests. And if not, athletes are still great friends who may just teach you a thing or two about a new sport, or you may have found a new workout buddy.

The athlete

6. The Partier

Usually are out-going, talkative, and very friendly individuals. We all need to let loose after hard nights of studying and this individual can be found organizing all the parties and spreading the word about the latest bashes.

Friends:  Sure, who minds being friends with a person who is the life of the party? But, if this person is partying day and night and revelries are their definition of an undergraduate degree then this is a red-flag you need to watch out for.

The partier

7. The Know it All

The know it all attitude is stemming from either a confidence issue or an underlying insecurity. Be equipped with your own facts and lead by example.

Friends: That really depends, maybe this individual was eager for good grades and unintentionally came across as a know it all. Though first impression lasts a life-time; it is easy to misunderstand someone else’s intentions. Keep your attitude neutral as you may have to work with this individual in a group one day.

the know it all

8. The Skipper who always asks you for notes.

This is the person who introduces themselves mid semester and exchanges phone numbers with you. Prior to this, you did not even know this individual existed, never mind the fact that they are in the same class as you. Makes a guest appearance once in a blue-moon near exam time and constantly asks you for your notes.

Friends: Probably not! Emergencies happen, and if this is a one time exception—no problem! As we all have an obligation to help one another out because undergrad is not a solo mission. But, if this individual has a constant habit of making excuses and not showing up–then good luck to them!

the skipper

9. The skipper who turned their life around.

This person can always be found in the libraries, or that one individual who is studying past midnight in their preferred study spot. This can often be the person who partied so hard that an academic probation was their wake up call. This individual has the attitude, “Been there done that!”

Friends: Definitely, as this individual is usually very dedicated but they are often so dedicated that they might not be looking for new friends.

skipper turned life around

10. The Extracurricular activities over loader

This person’s face can be seen all over the campus and the individual usually has a lot of school pride.  Their laid-back, vivacious, and bubbly personality makes them a hit with many. Can often be spotted as being employed on campus, in Vari Hall sporting York U gear, and chanting York cheers but one bad word about their school and their laid-back personality can quickly turn into a lion’s roar!

Friends: These personalities are usually over-achievers who like to balance good school grades with campus involvement, so they make great friends. But just like the activists, they face a danger of getting over involved and not having enough time left for their studies. Being an over loader requires a special balance of studies and campus involvement.

The overloader

11. The home-worker

This student has a very sporadic attendance history. It is always a mystery whether or not they will be showing up to class which makes them less reliable. Despite not being in class; this individual can often have really good marks. This individual prefers a lot of on-line classes.

Friends: Hit or miss, as some people work better in isolation. It is not uncommon to hear of instances where students have missed a class to complete homework. But, their unpredictable schedule makes it hard for individuals to connect with them. Usually okay as a group member too, because they care for their marks and contribute quality work.


12. The workaholic

This student usually holds two or three jobs and works around the clock. Usually lives on campus, or on their own while managing financial responsibilities with their studies. This person usually has their priorities straight and often despises student loans and prefers to pay for their schooling if finances allow.

Friends: Yes, because this student cares to pass all their courses because they work around the clock to pay for them. They usually make great group members too, as working in many diverse settings they have worked with individuals from all walks of life. But just like the activists and the over-loader multi-taskers, they risk over working and not having enough time left for their studies.



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Sunera graduated from York University in May, 2016 with an Honours BA in Work and Labour Studies.

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