The Coolest Research from York 2013-2014

Posted by Megan on July 24, 2014

Journey to the Centre of York

York puts out some amazing research every year so I thought I would share my favourites from last year to now. Please note that clicking on the titles will bring you directly to the associated yfile article.

Study finds multitasking on a laptop impedes classroom learning

And all around the world, students aren’t surprised. I mean I’m distracted by other students multitasking on their laptops (hey, is that Minecraft?) let alone on my own. That being said this is solid proof that putting an extension such as StayFocusd on your laptop while in class might be in your best interests.

York U astronomer maps out Earth’s place in the universe among “Council of Giants”

An image depicting the council of giants.

Regular exercise leads to better energy distribution in muscle

This is super practical research which confirms what a lot of us have heard – working out on a regular basis will make you more energetic. However what is just as important is that the research demonstrated that when the muscles aren’t used it leads to cellular damage and muscular degeneration. So whether you want or need more energy or not, you should try to exercise regularly to keep your body functioning at its best.

New research sees two species of bees choosing plastic to build their hives

An image of beehives incorporating plastic.

Prof looks to stem cells to assist weight loss, control diabetes

Profesor Anthony Scimè is working on a new project with funding from a $75,000 Drug Discovery Grant. The search has important implications as the researchers are looking for a compound that will reduce the p107 protein in stem cells. These stem cells will not turn into the white fat cells that make people gain weight and instead will turn into brown fat cells that metabolize carbs and fatty acids.

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