13 Things Only a York U Student Will Understand

Posted by Sunera on July 23, 2014

On-board to York

#1: The goal to be the next face on the billboards of This is My Time!


#2: The pride of being a York Lion and having the best mascot in the country!


#3: You own infinite number of red and white clothing even red shoes.


#4: You avoid all the outdoor routes in the winter even if it takes you half an hour extra to get to your destination. In the summer you reverse this pattern and take all the outdoor routes to get to your destination no matter how much longer it takes you.


#5: Trying to avoid the texter who will bump into anything or anyone in his/her way, but no matter how hard you try they will get you!


#6: You boast about attending the same school as Rachel McAdams, Jack Layton, Melyssa Ford, Dina Pugliese, Pantea Eshraghi (A York graduate who represented Canada in the Miss World 2014 competition), or Joel Cohen. This list can go on, but you get the point, right?


#7: It is not possible to ever see the Rexall Centre the same way again after you have written an exam in there.


#8: The conundrum you face when the 196A bus comes so much more frequently than the B…


#9: You have built a very strong immune to the embarrassment of chasing buses in public. It all started with that one fine day in the bus loop.


#10: It is in your best interest to get along with these!


#11: Never, ever wear high heels in the quiet study zone especially on the fifth floor of the Scott library.


#12: Every student loves the first floor of the Scott Library in the fall/winter time. If you are looking for a seat without the wait time, then just go to the 2nd floor, or even better to the 5th floor. The higher up you go, the quieter and more seats you will find!


#13: It is wise to set aside at least fifteen minutes from your daily schedule to get your caffeine fix. We all love our caffeine.


Till next time!



Sunera graduated from York University in May, 2016 with an Honours BA in Work and Labour Studies.

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