You know you are a first or second year student when you constantly hear…

Posted by Sunera on July 16, 2014

On-board to York

When I was in my first and second year of undergrad these are the comments I always got. I thought the questions would stop once I’m an upper year student.  Except the questions don’t stop instead they change into a whole new set of inquiries. First and second year students can you relate?

No.1 University is the best time of your life; don’t rush it and take your time with your degree

tumblr_mf5mitCOFc1rnf9n0Hey, no doubt, but I have to leave sometime. Can’t say here forever!

No.2 Enjoy your last summer break.

sun_gif_by_momo_hatake-d3974dzI saw the sun! Oh and that’s because my summer courses are usually completed by the end of July to early August leaving me time for something called a summer break!

No. 3 What can you do with this degree?

i_have_magic___gif_by_cmmerlinfan-d5q17u7Work my magic and apply aspects of my degree to any employment I land! How’s that answer for ya? 

No. 4 Why did you choose this school?

Were_Awesome_Deal_With_ItTo put it simply…because I felt like it! And quite frankly, us Yorkies are awesome!!

No. 5 Are you done your homework yet?

a1689Actually, yes!

No.6  Time to clean up your social media act.

giphyOh, you mean my pictures from my crazy night of partying shouldn’t be up on Facebook. Would have never guessed that one if it weren’t for you!

No. 7 This is not how the real world works…

8521874Please define real world for me…I thought I was living in one!

No.8 Don’t party too much.

regret-nothing But, it was Frosh-Week! Am I allowed to live a little?

No.9 Make sure you eat healthy.

yumI will try my best. Forget what I just earlier!

No. 10 Get enough sleep.

york-university-think i do - CopyNo promises here…(I thought I already justified this, but in case you need another reminder–here it is!)

No. 11 You should try to get a job.

mama_got_a_jobOf course, because being unemployed is such a joy!

No.12 Time to make a LinkedIn Profile.

job againI think employment just may be necessary for LinkedIn.

No.13 You should get your priorities straight.

a177dI’m in University doesn’t that tell you something?

No. 14 You will meet your future spouse in University.

sometihngborrowed3gifI didn’t realize I was joining a matrimonial service, because last I checked I enrolled in an educational institution.

So, did I nail them all? If you are a first and second year student and I am missing something on the list, then please, do add! Vote for the most popular question that first and second year students constantly get!



Sunera graduated from York University in May, 2016 with an Honours BA in Work and Labour Studies.

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    From one Whovian to another – Doctor Who GIFs are a must!

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    Samandeep Singh

    The first reference is a Doctor Who reference? GAWD I LOVE THIS PLACE!!!