Diversity and YU – Check Out These Clubs!

Posted by Megan on June 17, 2014

Journey to the Centre of York

One of my favourite aspects of York is how diverse our student body is. I personally feel that the respect our student body has for one another really leads to an awesome and inclusionary environment. If there is ever a time and a place to be yourself, it’s here 🙂

A diversity wheel.
The Diversity Wheel – it’s amazing how many different components make us who we are.

Having such a diverse student body also has it’s benefits. Many student groups are now well established on campus and provide a perfect opportunity to learn more about yourself and connect with others. Below are some clubs that I found for five potential components of a students background- culture/ethnicity, religion, disability, sexuality and gender, and mature student status.

Note: Clicking on the title will lead to a YU Connect page. From there on the right hand side you can see any Facebook, Twitter, or other social pages. I recommend at least liking the groups you are considering joining because you can generally get more current information from there.

Clubs and Associations

Ethnic Groups

Spiritual, Religious & Faith-based Groups

Note: Make sure to double check that the group you are interested in is active (just saying this because some of them didn’t have complete profiles). One of the best ways to check is to see if their is an updated Facebook page or click on the Roster link to see when new members last joined.

Disability Groups

LGBTQ+ Community Groups

Mature Student Groups

If I missed a club that you think should be included (or removed), please comment below and I should be able to add it (or delete) to one of the sections above.



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