Some Really Cool and Fun Courses at YorkU!

Posted by Sunera on June 16, 2014

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Some Really Cool and Fun Courses at York U!

University courses and fun? Sounds like a foreign idea, right? But, it can be true. Amongst the 5000 plus courses being offered at YorkU, there are some really cool programs that you can possibly add to your portfolio, and hey, maybe they’re just really fun, so…enjoy! Check out this awesome list of courses I compiled through mine and other students experiences.

Note: Before you select courses make sure you read all the requirements and pre-requisities that are required. These courses are in no particular order.

American Sign Language: Level 1 Intro to Sign Language Studies (AP/ASL 1000 6.0)

  • Ever been interested in learning sign language? Well now you can!
  • There is also level 2 and 3 for those who are interested and want to continue learning.
  • This course focuses on the movement of hands, mouths and other body parts to represent the American Sign Language (ASL).
  • Goal is to have elementary conversation proficiency.

Introduction Modern Standard Arabic (AP/ARB 1000 6.0)

  • This course is an introduction to written and spoken Arabic for beginners.
  • There are also level two and three!
  • There are other similar language courses such as French, Chinese, Spanish, Urdu/Hindi and more!
  • If you are amused by different languages then here is your chance to have at least an element of spoken and written proficiency in a new language.

Writing in the Workplace (AP/WRIT 3989 3.00)

  • Think writing stops at school? I hate to break it to you, but not! Work often requires formal written documents and some jobs require it more than others.
  • Learn to how to write but with a business twist. Trust me I have been there, preparing reports for senior executives, training notes, preparing various memos and memorandums, external and internal communication with clients and employees, union negotiations, and government documentation for auditing purposes are just a few things to name!
  • This course will get you ready for effective communication in a workplace such as, report writing, business plans, executive summary, and oral presentations.

Books and Bookmaking in the 21st Century (AP/WRITE 3720 6.0)

  • If you are a book lover like me then this course is perfect for you!
  • This class will examine how books affect our culture now and in the future.
  • Be ready to attend simulations, lectures, and workshops to explore how publishers affect the content and appearance of the books that are published

Porn Studies: An Introduction to Cultures of Sexual Representation (AP/SXST 3604 3.0)

  • Though this course focuses on heavy sexual content, and now before you jump to any conclusions let me just tell you that this is not all you do in this class.
  • Get ready for debates, and learn about texts, and events in history surrounding porn.

Film, Television and Society (FA/FILM 2401 6.00 )

  • If you love watching movies then you will enjoy this class.
  • I am taking this class in the summer right now, but be warned it is not the easiest class out there. Despite the fact that you watch movies every class. There is a lot of reading material; there are no assignments but instead four exams. So your entire mark is based on how well you do on the exams.
  • Get ready to explore the relation between film and television and the societies in which they are made and viewed.

Retailing, Shopping, Society, and Space (AP/GEOG 3140 3.0)

  • No, unfortunately there are no trips to shopping outlets and you don’t get marks for finding the best shoe deals!
  • The course explores the shopping behavior of consumers consumption and process of retail location.
  • Emphasis is on the geography aspect of the course.
  • Topics include store location, store choices, shopping, leisure and lifestyle –to name just a few.

Acting for Non-Majors ( FA/THEA 1520 3.0)

  • Love acting? But, have no prior experience? Or, just looking for a really fun class?
  • Want to pursue fine arts? Then here is your chance to get a taste of the fine arts world.
  • This course will introduce students to concepts like breathing, voice work, improvisation, monologues, and journal writing.

Piano for Non-majors (FA/MUSI 1085 3.0)

  • You love the sweet sound of the piano but never got a chance to learn…then here is your chance!
  • Learn the basic techniques, chording and other skill sets.
  • No previous experience required.
  • Other classes for non-majors are also available such as guitar, flute, strings etc.

Life Beyond Earth (SC/NATS 1880 6.0)

  • Mission to Mars anyone?
  • Or, perhaps UFOs is more your thing. Whatever it is, you can be sure to satisfy your passion for outer space in this class!
  • This class explores factors required for life to exist beyond Earth, and what would be necessary for humans to live beyond Earth!

Children’s Literature and Film Adaptions (AP/HUMA 3690 6.0)

  • Bring some snacks and get ready to lean back in your chairs and enjoy watching Disney movies!
  • Students will be watching and analyzing various children’s films.
  • Focus of the course is to translate critical readings through media and films.
  • Course analyzes changing constructions of childhood and adolescence in children’s literature and movies.

Picture Books in Children’s Culture (AP/HUMA 3691 3.0)

  • Calling all Harry Potter fans! Some students have reported choosing Harry Potter as their book for the final assignment.
  • Analyze adult and child reader meanings they mutually make while reading a picture book.
  • Examine the underlying meaning depictions hold in children’s picture books, word-image relationships and historical development.

Hope you enjoyed this post! Good luck with the course selections everyone!



Sunera graduated from York University in May, 2016 with an Honours BA in Work and Labour Studies.

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