OSAP – Why You Should Be Working on Your Application Now!

Posted by Sunera on June 9, 2014

On-board to York

Hi everyone!

It is a good idea to start working on your OSAP applications now, actually a very good idea, to ensure you get funding on the start of classes.  I wanted to compose this blog post especially if you are a doing this application for the first time. The second time around the process is a lot faster because most of the information gets carried over, and you can copy paste a lot of the information aside from your income–if it has changed. Here is the run-down on the applications and why you definitely don’t want to miss the deadline.

Who is eligible?

Follow the hyperlink to find out your eligibility. You can do this at any time on-line. I would recommend doing this as soon as possible, so if for some reason you are not eligible you can start exploring other options.

When should I apply?deadlinepng

The applications are now open and you should try to apply by June 30th. If this is your first time applying for OSAP, please do not leave it for the last minute!

Applying after June 30th?

Don’t worry; you can still apply after June 30th, but it is recommended that you apply by this date to ensure your funds will be available by the time your start classes. So, it is good idea to get on the application process right away. Also, keep in mind you don’t want to delay this process for too long because you can’t choose courses for the following year till your outstanding balance is cleared.

Submit all necessary documentation

documents-158461_640Master Student Financial Assistance Agreement (MFSAA) – This form only needs to be completed once and at the beginning of your full-time post-secondary studies. This document is not submitted to York University. The recommended time to submit the Master Student Financial Assistance Agreement (MFSAA) form is July or August. Once you complete and submit your OSAP application online, the summary will tell you if you need to print your MSFAA. When the form is completed and signed it must be taken to a Canada Post outlet. Your funding is not available to you till this form has been dropped off at a Canada Post outlet.  

Signature forms and other documentations  Once the OSAP application is completed the summary will also notify you of the signature and other forms that still need to be submitted. Print off the signature forms and make sure everything is signed! Even one missing signature can cause delays. The forms can be dropped off in the Bennett Centre drop box which is located in the lobby, or they can be mailed.

Bookmark these webpagesSpin_(Bookmark)1

Bookmark the following webpages to check on your progress. The York U webpage outlines all the required steps. The OSAP webpage provides with you with important information regarding forms that you need to submit, you estimated approved loan and the status of your application.

York University OSAP webpage

OSAP homepage

Good luck with your preparations to join York U and congrats to all the continuing students (including myself!) for coming one stop closer to completing our journey!



Sunera graduated from York University in May, 2016 with an Honours BA in Work and Labour Studies.

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