Pros and Cons of Starting University in the Summer

Posted by Sunera on May 7, 2014

On-board to York

Does contemplating summer school seem to rule out enjoyable summer possibilities? A lot of students have asked during tours what starting university in the summer was like, so hence, I composed the previous blog. Many are still not sure if summer school is the right choice for them. Of course, there are advantages and disadvantages to summer school. It is important to consider both before you take the plunge. Read on to find out if summer semester is a suitable choice for you.


Distribute the Course Load – Students come from all paths of life, some are coming from high school, some are mature, part-time and full-time students, some have children to take care of and summer semester allows students to distribute the course load over the year freeing up time for other responsibilities. While summer school can be a great opportunity to fast-track, it is also ideal so students don’t fall behind due to other responsibilities and can still manage to graduate on time.

Perfect time to get your gen-ed credits – There is usually a wide variety of gen-ed courses being offered in the summer. Some gen-eds you might really enjoy and some, well, you really just have to take. I find it hard to motivate myself if I do not enjoy a course, so I prefer to take my chances in the summer, explore the course and if I really enjoy it, then I can choose more elective courses in that discipline.

You have a routine – One thing I love about summer semester is that it keeps me in study mode all year round. Having summers off can break the study momentum I have built over the fall/winter semester and it is rather difficult to get back in to the groove of things. Continuous classes keep me in the mind set of studying without falling off track.

Shorter classes – If you really don’t like a course, but it is a requirement for your program then consider taking that class in the summer if it is being offered. Shorter class means you will be done a lot faster and don’t have to worry about this class again. I personally excel in shorter classes, so if you are one of those students then summer classes are ideal for you.

Less Crowd –Faster commute, no lineups at the bus stops, easier access to all the services and amenities. It is a great time to get familiarized with the campus, as the weather is great so it is more enjoyable to venture out and explore your new surroundings.

Great time to get a summer job on campus – A lot of students take summers off, which means due to the small number of applicants there is a higher chance of students who apply being employed.


No down-time –But, you could be done as early as the end of July or the first week of August, leaving you a whole month to enjoy while you gained your credits. Last year, I had finished 15 credits by August 2nd, and still got a whole month of summer to enjoy!

Less Variety – As many students opt to take the summer off, so naturally the school is less busy. Due to that, demand for certain courses is not as high leaving you with less variety of courses to choose from than the fall/winter semester.

Shorter Classes – Which means intense studies, as assignments are due more frequently and you can possibly be writing exams each month or week!

Are you staring York University this summer? Or, if you are taking summer classes, then what is your deciding factor? Comment below and let me know!

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Sunera graduated from York University in May, 2016 with an Honours BA in Work and Labour Studies.

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    Seems like a real win win situation I have to say! Having a whole month off and the prospect of a summer job on campus certainly isn’t to be sniffed at!