Top Ten Things That No One Ever Tells You About University!

Posted by Sunera on May 5, 2014

On-board to York

Hello all and welcome to the summer edition of yublogs!

University is said to be the greatest time of an individual’s life. Maybe you are a current student, perhaps you are commencing your journey to York University this summer, or you are an alumni reminiscing in the fond memories of your priceless moments at York. Regardless of where you are, there are some untold things that come with this exciting journey. When it comes to starting university, it doesn’t get much better than finding out….

York u email account
York u email account setup.

Set-up your York U e-mail before classes begin – Amidst the hustle and bustle of settling in to University life while to trying to juggle my courses and making sense of things; I had been missing important course updates because I had no idea that I should have set up my York U email account. Many computing systems used at York are sometimes only compatible with the York U email system. Some professors also require students to have their York U email account for communication.

As a new student, I went after class to see the professor and with some hesitation finally told him, I had no idea what the York U email account was. My professor and some students tried to navigate me, but I was still lost. When I finally looked over my papers from the enrollment appointment, I remembered this was discussed. I called some friends and finally got the e-mail set up.

Follow the hyper-link above.

  1. Click Use Manage My Services.
  2. Log in to the system to activate your e-mail.

bashfulA shy bladder is not going to help you – Especially, if you are living on campus. Now imagine your residence, as it will be a shared space. The upside of residence washrooms is that they are cleaned daily, but inevitably there is that person who always forgets to flush. Also, there will always be someone in the bathroom. Just give it a month or so, before it is no longer awkward to have conversations amongst you and the person in the stall. Yes, I don’t live on residence, and this conversation actually took place between a friend and I, whom I met during the third week of classes. Of course, I can only speak for females.

On- campus washrooms, the situation is very similar to public bathroom except most of them are a lot cleaner, but if the line ups are long, then your bladder best not be shy! Soon, in time you will have your favourite bathrooms! There will be some you prefer over the others, some are busier, nicer looking, and cleaner than others.

Your heart will be in two places which can be tough – This is particularly true for students who will be moving cities. Many of my good friends who moved for University, have now made it their place of permanent residence because they fell in love with the city. Friends have described their experiences as always being torn between the two places. In one place you have your families, pets and friends, life-long memories—sweet and bitter, and preferences for different eateries and hangout spots. Meanwhile, in this new city you have this new-found love for another geographical location, your bedroom and other comfort zones are in the new environs, pictures frames, books, belongings, new life memories and experiences are entrenched there now.

Your time to look for campus employment is now – Summer school is especially great for campus employment, because there are many opportunities available. A lot of students take summers off which means due to small number of applicants there is a higher chance of students who apply being employed. It is also a great idea to get employment on campus as a newcomer because you are less likely to have expectations, and the experience of a new place and employment actually this is goodmake the school year more exciting.

You have no idea how to write – Academically anyway, and you will realize this shortly after your first assignment. No matter, how much you love writing you will need help in this department. The learning commons will be your home for the next little while, and when, if you ever cross ways with the instructors at the learning commons you will say hi to them. You will now officially feel like a York U community member.

You will probably test your professor’s patience – With questions on how to improve your assignments and how to be a better student. You will be contacting with them via e-mails more than you anticipate, and will jump at the opportunity of any help sessions. You will sense at times that they think you are a little extra, but you ignore that feeling anyway and continue with your behaviour in the pursuit of that A.

You will panic once in a while! –  Yes, life will be changed and things will be different. Unlike high-school you will now be an adult while many of you will be living on your own, signing leases, taking care of bills, cleaning, while juggling school work and learning to prioritize.  You might be home-sick, missing families and pets, and in mature students’ case—job-sick, as you start missing your work routine. I constantly kept thinking to myself for the first couple of days…” Am I crazy for doing this?” I had second thoughts constantly for the first two weeks that maybe I should continue studying part-time but then I finally put all my doubts to rest. If there is anything that I have learned during my professional years is that comfort zones are dangerous so tackle what you need to, to get the job done!

im such a good friendYou are not going to meet your close friends during the first week of classes – There are of course exceptions to the this case, as many students build lasting friendships’ the minute they meet their room-mates or particular class-mates. Though, I got along with almost all students in my class, it was not until mid-semester that I met friends I still talk to. Especially, for shy student – don’t worry as the term goes on you will realize who you are compatible with, and group work is key for that. By working with people you really find out what their personalities are like which can lead to lasting friendships with those you get along with, and while some you remain acquaintances with.

You will be a traveler– And, life will be more adventurous, or you may consider yourself somewhat of a nomad. Nomad in a sense, because you will be going home more often if you are attending York U from out of the city to constantly visit family and friends. You will also find yourself making more travel plans with friends during time off whether it’s trips to different towns, visiting new cities or countries. Before you know it, your friends will be getting married and engaged while in University which will also contribute to the reason for adventuresome journeys to attend bridal showers, bachelor/bachelorette parties, Jack and Jill, birthdays, and sometimes just visiting friends for no apparent reasons, but just because they are your friends! Sometimes, you will feel like you are living out of a suitcase!

Hope you enjoyed this blog! Got any questions? Or want to add to the list…then comment below!

safe travels till next time!



Sunera graduated from York University in May, 2016 with an Honours BA in Work and Labour Studies.

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