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Posted by Megan on May 1, 2014

Journey to the Centre of York

Hi everyone!

Now some of you have probably read some of my articles before but because a lot of incoming students are probably going to start reading soon, I thought I’d re-introduce myself and YUBlog.

Who are you?

An image of YUBlogger, Megan (otherwise known as M)

My name is Megan (hi) and this will be my third semester writing for YUBlog. I’m an Honours BA student in Psychology with a minor in Children’s Studies and because I transferred a couple years ago to York my standing is a little odd. I’ll be entering my fifth year of university, my third at York, and I have one year to go after this one before my degree will be complete. Crazy, huh?

I previously wrote a 3 part ‘Introducing the Blogger’ series so if you want to learn more about me and my journey, you can find those three posts below:

Introducing the Blogger, part 1

Introducing the Blogger, part 2

Introducing the Blogger, part 3

A lot has changed since those three posts however (they were written in the Fall of ‘13) so feel free to check out ALL of my past posts which can be found in two places –

  1.  My section of YUBlog, Journey to the Centre of York (where they are sorted in pages starting with the most current)
  2.  My unofficial York blog which I run with friends, YorkULife (where they are sorted in a single list chronologically).

I will also likely be doing a proper re-introduction in the fall so I hope you will remain a reader until -and even past- then 🙂 So that’s me – if you have any other questions, feel free to comment below.

But what about YUBlog? What is it?

YUBlog is a great resource, for starters.

York University hires a select number of work study students to join the YUBlog team. These bloggers come from a variety of diverse backgrounds and programs and have the opportunity to produce 2 blogs a week each for the school year (amongst other duties). The blogs are diverse in themselves, covering a variety of topics relating to York University and student life in general. We highlight resources, workshops, clubs, and events on campus. We write about our experiences and top tips from a variety of areas.

The important thing to keep in mind is that even though we are employed by the university, the opinions and topics we write on are of our own choosing. We just ensure that they are related to York or student life so they are beneficial to our readers! And if you like what you see, you want to see something new, or you have any other comments or suggestions – let us know as we’d love to work with your feedback.

How do I keep up to date with your blog?

There are a number of places where you can find our blog and posts.

1) Our main blog website is yublog.apps01.yorku.ca/ -you can bookmark this or go to it at any time to see the most recent posts and access our archive.

2) From the Future Students website (futurestudents.yorku.ca/) you can click on the ‘W’ (for WordPress) near the Social Media area for 1-click access to our blog.

3) Our posts are often uploaded to York’s Facebook page and are easily identifiable because they usually contain #YUBlog and a link to our post.

4) Our posts are also sent to York’s Google + page with the same #YUBlog and link.

5) We have our own twitter, @YorkUstudents which currently (*hint hint*) only features tweets that direct to our posts – as soon as they are posted. Follow us! 😉

So what now?

Now that you are a little more familiar with YUBlog and myself, I encourage you to try to keep up with our blogs. I also encourage you to check back on May 13th, at 10am, for my @YorkUstudents and YU post where I hope to share more on what you can expect this summer including some new features 😛

All that being said, welcome to YUBlog! And for those of you that are new to York, welcome to our community 🙂



Megan is a third-year Psychology student. Follow her on her journey of self-development as she explores and ventures through campus.

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