Top Five Reasons why YOU should participate in Frosh Week!

Posted by Kira on April 22, 2014

York Stomping Grounds

Back in the fall, I wrote a blog post about the fabulous Frosh Week that I was a part of as a Frosh Boss. It was a great week! So many fun and crazy events like the rainy (yet awesome) football game, the boat cruise and many, many dance parties. Look back at that post for a refresher for what frosh week is all about. This post is reserved for the reasons that you should one hundred percent participate in Frosh Week if you are an incoming student!

Winters Frosh Bosses going bananas! (from Winters College Council website)
Winters Frosh Bosses going bananas! (from Winters College Council website)

1. Make Friends – Frosh Week is geared towards helping you meet a whole bunch of new people. Take it from me, two of my best friends here at York are the ones I made during Frosh Week.

2. Learn Your Way around Campus – Many of the activities during Frosh Week help you get acquainted with the vast campus that is York U. Things like scavenger hunts and tours help you familiarize yourself with school, and are really fun in the process.

3. Meet Your College – since Frosh Week is put on by the separate colleges at York, it is a great way to find your home away from home. You’ll learn about the services they can provide for you, the actual physical space they utilize and tons of fun traditions and history.

4. Frosh Bosses are really cool – I may be biased because I was a Frosh Boss this past year, BUT I remember thinking it in my first year too! The Frosh Bosses are upper year students who are there to make it a great week for everyone. These are students who are so willing to tell you all the ins and outs of your program and of York in general.

5. It’s FUN – This is by far the most memorable week I have had at York University. So many fun events and activities are crammed into 7 days. I don’t think I have ever laughed more…everyone is so pumped to be there that you can’t help but have a good time.

So please, keep your eyes peeled for the Frosh Week websites that are sure to be going up soon! It’s a week you won’t regret being a part of.