Bridging Program for Skilled Immigrants

Posted by YuBlog Admin on April 22, 2014


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New immigrants face a lot of challenges in integrating into the Canadian corporate environment due to lack of Canadian work experience. Therefore, the Bridging Program for Internationally Educated Professionals is an opportunity to get a Canadian education that will increase chances of employment. This training eventually creates successful transition into jobs that match their level of education and skills. To qualify, you need to be a permanent resident who has come to Canada recently.

The program is a one and a half year program that prepares foreign skilled immigrants for the Ontario labour market. The courses covered can be used towards a professional designation and are offered at flexible times during the evenings. Students also undergo mentoring and coaching for both the job search and interviewing process.They learn about Canadian business culture, communication techniques, language skills and more. I think this is a great way to help people make the transition into a new country less stressful. It also ensures that they can make a living and take care of their families.

Are you a new immigrant or international student? What was your first impression about Canada?

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    I have been writing to the York U Bridging program since early December and am yet to hear anything further on the wait list moving up. Anytime you visit the Bridging program site, it says sign up for the wait list. Sure i can do that, but I also need to know what is my wait list number and whether this is moving any where at all.

  • Sunera

    Hi Sajjad,

    Thank you for your question. We are looking into this matter for you, and have forwarded your concern to the appropriate department. We will get in touch with you shortly once we hear from the department.

  • Sunera

    Hi Sajjad,

    Please contact 416-736-5620 and one of the staff would be happy to answer the inquiry in person.