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Posted by Sunera on April 16, 2014

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As I get home from writing my first final exam, I am welcomed with a mound of textbooks staring at me. Yes, it is that time of the year when most students are thinking what to do with their textbooks. I finally sit down to relax with a hot coffee while checking my day’s e-mails, and see my professor’s message that the York University Bookstore is offering for $47.48 for the first 75 text books for this course. Pretty good deal, as this is more than half the value of the book. I keep my books in pretty good condition even if I don’t plan to sell some of them. I save some textbooks from my major for further use in other courses.

How to maintain your booksdog ear books resale

Use Painters Tape: To keep your book covers intact from spine snappers. Painter’s tape also keeps books clean from residue and pen marks. It is also very easy to peel off without damaging the book.

Use a book mark: To avoid doggy ears!

Scan the books: If you want to write on a page for an assignment then scan the pages you need.

Sticky Note: Use sticky notes wherever you need to write in the book.

Where to sell your books

York University Book Store – You can often find good deals like the one mentioned above that my professor e-mailed the class. Inquire with the book store a week or two in advance prior to writing your exams to see which books they will be willing to buy back, and at what cost. Read this blog to find out more about buyback policy at the York University Bookstore.

Bookstore app York University.
Bookstore app York University.

York University Book Store Online classified – I have sold numerous books using the YU bookstore on-line classified. I always sell my books half off because I think it is a fair deal.  Most students also sell their books half off, (it seems like the standard price.) You can also download the YU bookstore app.

Facebook – There are many groups on Facebook where YorkU students can sell and buy used textbooks. I have purchased and sold a lot of my textbooks through social media.

EBay, Amazon, kijiji, RyeBooks – Browse the internet. You can try several different websites and compare the buyback prices. Then, of course sell it to the highest bidder! 😉

Donate your books that you can’t sell – I donated the children books I used in a childhood, humanities course. I had a hard time selling those books because the course texts had been changed in the fall term from when I took the course in the summer term. I was not able to get a good price for them when I did try to sell them, so I thought I would rather just donate them. My mom works in a day care so donating was rather easy! She said the children loved the books, which was rewarding to hear.

How do you resell your books? Do you have any other ideas you can add to the list then share them below!



Sunera graduated from York University in May, 2016 with an Honours BA in Work and Labour Studies.

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