Where to Buy Used Textbooks for University

Posted by Jamila on April 15, 2014

Diary of an Undergrad

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Get the sweet lowdown on where to buy, rent or sell used textbooks for university. Your wallet can thank me later. I can list so many reasons why you should consider finding used textbooks for university instead of buying new ones. For one, it’s cheaper than the regular price. Depending on the number of courses you are taking, it is no news that the bill for textbooks usually averages $500 per semester. Opting for a used textbook could help you save some money. It’s worth the savings especially if you’ll only be using the book for a year and have no need for it afterwards. Why buy a new one when you are only going to use it a couple times? Trust me, while they were extremely for coursework, I can count the number of university books that I plan on keeping for my career – not many. The first stop is YorkU bookstore because they sell used textbooks and also buyback any books you have that are being used for a course at York

Discount Textbooks is located right beside York  University at 4699 Keele Street but they also have a location of Victoria and College Street. They’ve been selling used textbooks since 1985. They will also buy your used textbooks at up to 50 percent of the original price if they are currently in use but some conditions apply.

Chegg helps you find books for cheaper prices online. That includes etextbooks and online courses. You can sell your books online. It even offers study help for students who are struggling with difficult subjects like calculus, stats, physics, business, chemistry and more.

Ryebooks is an online community for post-secondary students in Toronto to list and sell their books. There’s even a discussion forum but doesn’t look like much is happening there. Their database of YorkU textbooks might not be vast but they do have some books. Check it out and you might find what you’re looking for.

Of course, you can always default to Kijiji, Craigslist and Facebook. I’ve bought and sold books from Kijiji before. I listed my ad, got an email from interested buyers and met with the person on campus to complete the purchase. Finito! 🙂

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