My Favourite Ways to Stay Organized

Posted by Kira on April 15, 2014

York Stomping Grounds

Being organized during your time at school is one of the best ways to succeed academically, socially and still get enough sleep. Luckily there are a ton of ways that can help you keep on top of things.  In this post I will share the ways that I have found the most helpful during my three years here at York. Maybe one or two of them will be useful to you!

The best thing that I can do  is to keep an updated calendar. I use the calendar app on my iPhone which is very helpful as I have it wherever I go. At the start of each semester I go through and put my class schedule and work schedule on there. Then I go through my course outlines and input all of my assignment due dates, as well as the days that I have tests. It makes it so easy to see at a glance what I should be focusing on every day, week and month!

Setting reminders on your phone for assignments and that is also really helpful. I set reminders a week in advance of tests, and two weeks in advance for longer essays and assignments so I have enough time to properly prepare for them. This ensures that I won’t forget anything either and turn up for class unprepared.

I am also a big fan of to do lists. In high school I used an agenda to write down the homework I had every night. But in university, many of your classes meet just once a week so the homework isn’t so much of a nightly thing as something you need to accomplish over the week. So a weekly to do list just makes more sense to me. I write down everything I need to accomplish that particular week including readings, studying for tests, or even doing laundry. I use highlighters to mark which are urgent, and which I would like to get done if time allows it.

To do lists.
To do lists.

Staying on top of your workload is a must. So all you have to do is find out which strategies work for you and school will be way less stressful!