Cool Places to Eat at York University

Posted by Jamila on April 10, 2014

Diary of an Undergrad

ThaiExpress yorku
Thai Express restaurant at York Lanes.

There are over 40 cool places to eat at York University and I’ve been to most of them. Now, it sounds like a lot of food choices but they come in very handy for a school that has over 60,000 students to feed. Food can be a huge concern for students who will be moving miles away from their homes to stay on residence. Family meals will be missed. Also, not everyone knows how to cook. Even students who know how to cook like myself sometimes lack the time. I haven’t made a proper meal (except for fried eggs :D) since January. Why? It’s my fourth year and for some reason, the gods of academia always make the final stages of school the hardest. So, it’s very comforting to know I can rely on the food options on campus. For a full list of all the places to eat on campus, visit the York Lanes and Student Centre websites.

There is a place for every craving – from sushi to salads, Indian to Greek, vegan to halal and more. Grab breakfast before your morning class at Shopsy’s, frozen yoghurt at Qoola or get a catered lunch from The Underground for your next club event. With all the tasty options available at York Lanes, Student Centre and other cafeterias, all you really need to do is just start trying new things. Personally, I have an addiction to Thai Express. It’s my favourite! Meanwhile, York University Food Services has a Twitter and Instagram account you can follow for updates on deals of the day and other delicious treats.

Food services at YorkU
Food Services at YorkU Instagram account: @YorkUfood

Eat Smart logoDon’t let the busy student lifestyle hinder you from staying healthy and fit. York University has partnered with Eat Smart! and Toronto Public Health, to provide a wide range of certified healthy, great-tasting meals. Find these healthy options by looking for the Eat Smart! logo at any of the eateries on campus.



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