Do you use a reusable water bottle?

Posted by Kira on April 8, 2014

York Stomping Grounds

Well you should. There are countless reasons why reusing a durable water bottle is better than buying bottled water (or other drinks) on campus! It may seem more convenient just to drop a couple of dollars when you get thirsty, but I’ll try to convince you otherwise.

Super cool bag water bottles. (courtesy of wiki commons)
Super cool bag water bottles. (courtesy of wiki commons)

1. Your Health – For real man. When you have a waterbottle with you throughout your day it’s easy to drink water, more of it, which means you will be more hydrated! Drinking lots of water will help you be more alert since dehydration causes fatigue. It will help curb food cravings when you aren’t really hungry. Lots of water will also help your skin look its best.

2. The Environment – By reusing one bottle instead of buying bottled water every day, you will keep excess waste of out landfills, and reduce pollution of the factories that have to make the cheap plastic bottles.

3. Your Wallet – Think of how much money you could save if you didn’t buy bottled water every day! Bottled water can cost up to 2 dollars in many locations, so in just one week you would have saved $14 if you tend to buy a drink every day. That could really add up after a month or two.

4. Taste – It’s really easy to make your own water a little special.Try adding lemon wedges, mint leaves, ginger, cucumber or some raspberries along with ice to make your water a little more interesting! All of these ingredients have lots of health benefits as well!

Pretty glass water bottle. (courtesy of wiki commons)
Pretty glass water bottle. (courtesy of wiki commons)

Around campus there is a ton of water refill stations that are designed for filling up water bottles along with water fountains. Try challenging yourself to drink two bottles of water spread over your day and see if it makes you feel better, Buying a new water bottle can help with this. It always works for me!

There are a ton of different kinds, plastic, glass, metal, big, small etc…find one that you like.

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    Also, in regards to health – plastic water bottles, especially the non-reusable ones, leach chemicals (like BPA) into your drink. It is harmful in the long run but also in the short run for some, as some chemicals may trigger migraines.