Res Room Essentials

Posted by Kira on March 27, 2014

York Stomping Grounds

Living in residence is kind of like living out of one room as your entire house in a lot of ways. Which means that you have to be selective in what material goods you decide to bring! There is not a lot of space for excess clutter, especially when you add a roommate into the mix. That being said, there were a few choice items that made my time in residence much more comfortable.


Mini Fridge

If you are able to squeeze one into your room, it is really nice to be able to keep some food close on hand. I kept some fruit, yogurt and milk in my fridge so that I would always have snack foods if I didn’t feel like going out to get something. The top of the fridge didn’t go to waste either…I kept my plates, cups and cutlery on top as well as a mini coffee maker.


At Bed, Bath and Beyond or other home stores, they have these great hooks that attatch over the top of the door, or a ledge on your desk. These hooks were great for hanging up bags or sweaters since closet space was tight.

Mattress Cover

While not one hundred percent necessary, I really appreciated having a bit of extra padding on top of the residence bed. Made my sleep just a little more comfortable.


I used a bunch of huge plastic containers to hold stuff that I couldn’t fit in my dresser and just kept them under the bed. If your bed is really tall you could even use a couple of laundry hampers to keep sweaters and the like out of the way.

Ear Plugs and Eye Patches

You’ve heard this one before I’m sure, but it’s true! These things will help you get a great sleep even if your roommate is up late doing homework, or people down the hall are being noisy.


All of these things made my time in residence comfortable and kept me happy! Finding ways to maximize space is the best ways to make residence life as easy as possible.