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Posted by Jamila on March 27, 2014

Diary of an Undergrad

Two men accompanying a woman on an evening walk across a wooden bridge

I’ve lived in the YorkU Village for a long time and I often walk home late at night from the library at night like anytime from around 12 – 2 a.m. Sometimes, I go out and come back home late on the 196 or 106 TTC bus. I always get questions from new and current students about safety. When I tell them I’m living on campus, they want to know what it’s like and honestly, I’ve always felt safe.  I’m not saying that there are no real issues about safety here but I think that danger is everywhere. We can also do something ourselves by being a little extra careful and taking full advantage of the safety resources provided. One of them is the YorkU Safety App. It has been around for almost a year now.

In my own opinion, you should download the app even if you think you’ll never have a need for it. If you’ve been at YorkU for a while and did not know that there’s a safety app for staff and students, now you know.  Its features include campus maps, an emergency alarm,  safety toolbox, and lists of emergency numbers and emails. Almost every student is walking around campus with the latest iPhone, iPad and Samsung Galaxy. The app is available on all these devices for iPhone, Android and Blackberry phones.

Quick Tip: In general, I would recommend that you keep a straight face and always walk briskly at night. I also use walkways that are well lit by the street lamps. If you’re unsure about walking home from campus alone in the dark, call GoSafe from your safety app. They will send someone from their team to walk you to your car or residence. There is also a shuttle bus service that runs from Vari Hall to stops around campus and the YorkU village.



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