No Meal Plan? No Problem!

Posted by Kira on March 25, 2014

York Stomping Grounds

In my last post, I talked about how to make a meal plan work for your lifestyle. But what if your lifestyle doesn’t involve a meal plan? For those who commute, live in the village or within Toronto, or who live in a suite style residence, there are many ways to cheaply and easily prepare and eat your own food without ever buying a thing on campus (if you don’t want to).

Personally, I live just of campus in the Village, so although I had meal plan in first year, since then I have been buying and making my own food. Often, I don’t have time to walk home between classes so I have to pack a lunch. It can be a bit of a pain at times, but I have found some great tricks on making it less of a hassle.

Apples...the most lunch bag friendly fruit.
Apples…the most lunch bag friendly fruit.

1. Leftovers – I always make a lot of food for dinner, and use whatever I don’t eat for lunch the next day. That way I don’t have to make something separate just to eat for lunch.

2. Make a salad or a soup on the weekend – this way you have a quick and easy meal if you don’t have time to cook during the week.

3. Stock up on the basics at the grocery store when you can – if my parents are around, or a friend offers to drive me to the grocery store, I make sure to buy a lot of the basics like flour, and canned food so I don’t have to carry it when I walk to the grocery store.

4. Make your lunch the night before – I am always in a huge rush in the morning, so having my lunch ready to go makes my mornings that much less hectic.

Not using meal plan can be much cheaper if you are good about not wasting food, and looking for stuff on sale! I recommend it for those who are looking to save money or prefer to make their own food.