Thinking Ahead: What Kind of Student Do You Want To Be?

Posted by Megan on March 24, 2014

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Today’s post is going to be more focused on future students and goal setting. It’s all about the different facets of being a student and how you can prioritize those facets to be the kind of student you want to be. For simplicities sake, I used 5 well-known archetypes to divide up my information.

The Brain

A comic of all these ideas exploding out of someone's brain.
Are you a brain? You might be if you spend most of your time in the library or at home studying. You tend to forgo social opportunities (sometimes more than necessary) in order to be that one step closer to the ‘perfect’ GPA. You have a very strong vision for your future education and career and nothing is going to stop you from getting there.

Your best traits: Goal-Oriented, Attentive, & Dedicated.

You should be wary of: Not spending enough time ‘winding down’; Getting burnt out; Missing out on social activities and networking.

Your best tips for success: Schedule time for yourself each day just to relax and wind down. Don’t forget the importance of networking and getting involved on campus – it’s not only about the grades but also the experience that you have.

How to find balance: Join a club, whether it’s for something that interests you, or whether it’s something related to your degree.

The Activist

A comic of a super hero.
The activist is a passionate individual that volunteers tons of their own time and energy to great causes -whether online or in person because BOTH can make substantial impacts. Sometimes activists can be socially ostracised for speaking out but I’ve found that the York community is pretty accommodating and we have tons of Social Justice groups already on campus 🙂

Your best traits: Passionate, Altruistic, & Confident.

You should be wary of: Not having enough time for your studies; Putting yourself in risky position (it can happen); Sharing your message ineffectively (number 8 in link).

Your best tips for success: Invest your passion for activism and social justice into a program you love. Document all your activity – the hours and experience you gain will be invaluable for later opportunities. Engage in self care when you need to to save yourself from being burnt out.

How to find balance: Consider limiting the number of groups you work with so that you don’t have too many commitments.

The Community Member

A comic of a group of friends.
The community member is generally a well rounded individual who is highly active in social events on campus whether it’s working with York is U or participating in their college events. Community members are often extensively networked both with staff and students.

Your best traits: Good listener, Committed, & Social.

You should be wary of: Losing track of your commitments; Getting continuously pulled away from your school work; Being spread too thin.

Your best tips for success: Keep track of all your commitments by writing them down in a planner. Make sure you document all of your community service hours with YU Connect! Schedule study sessions to stay on top of your school work from week to week.

How to find balance: Don’t commit to a new social event unless you’ve got your academics under control.

The Athlete

A comic of a women trying to shoot a basketball into a net.
The athlete is a determined individual who dedicates impressive amounts of time working with a team to practice and succeed at their sport of choice. Athletes tend to be quite bonded with their team and often have a healthy social life because of this.

Your best traits: Competitive, Focused, & Adaptable.

You should be wary of: Not having enough time for your studies; Missing school due to sport commitments; Potential injuries that could affect other aspects of your life.

Your best tips for success: Get support from your coaches and team mates; Network and engage with your team to build up great friendships outside of your sport; Study with your team to keep your grades up, etc.

How to find balance: Utilise your time with your team effectively so that you have enough time for your studies and other personal commitments.

The 5-Point Star

A comic of an excited woman with a huge star behind her head.
The five point star is an ambitious student, one who incorporates traits and roles from ALL of the other archetypes. These students have the potential for almost unheard of success OR the possibility of having a painful ‘crash and burn’.

Your best traits: A useful blend of the traits from the 4 other archetypes.

You should be wary of: Being burnt out; Sacrificing your happiness for success; & Losing sight of what you really want/need out of life.

Your best tips for success: Be aware of your strongest traits and how you can use them to your advantage; Don’t stop educating yourself and learning ways to better your skills (someone will always have a better way to do something); For all the great things you do, don’t forget to have time for yourself!

How to find balance: Just be present in every moment and make sure you are giving yourself enough ‘me time’.

What kind of student are you? Comment below!

And, join us on campus at York’s Spring Open House on Saturday April 5 from 10am to 2pm to explore your options.




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