Meal Plan: How to Make it Work For You

Posted by Kira on March 20, 2014

York Stomping Grounds

Meal plan is something that just goes hand in hand for many first year students. And while having a meal plan is mandatory for most of the students living in residence (all residences but Pond and Calumet), there are ways to cater it to your individual needs.

gotta eat some fruit.
gotta eat some fruit.

For one there are different amounts you can put on your meal plan. To decide you really have to consider how much food you will be consuming and how much money you want to spend. The highes amount is $4000 or Platinum. This would be for someone that requires a ton of food on a daily basis. Gold level has $3500 and allows you a lot of freedom with the amount of food you can have. Silver is $3000. Bronze is $2500. And the Convenience is $1600 but is only avilable to students living in suite style residences (Pond and Calumet) or commuter students.

Personally I got the Silver level meal plan with $3000. I did run out of money in the last couple of weeks, however I definitely could have budgeted my money better and made it last until I was done (those Second Cup expensive coffees add up, yo).  If you think you eat a fairly average amount of food, I would recommend getting this one or the Gold level meal plan. I stretched the $3000 out by stocking up on snack foods from the grocery store whenever my parents were around, so the Gold level might be better if you don’t want to do that.

Your meal plan is accessed through your student card which makes it very convenient to purchase food. One of the great things about York compared to some other universities is that your meal plan works across campus at almost all of the food joints on campus as opposed to just working at one cafeteria. It makes it really convenient to grab food on the go! There are a ton of different options here, and you can see them all using the York Dining Directory. And if your concern is to be healthy, here is my post about some of the healthier locations and options on campus.

Whether you are a commuter student, or living on residence, having a meal plan is a great way to make life at York just that little bit easier.

Find out more about food options on campus at York’s Spring Open House on Saturday April 5 from 10am to 2pm.